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Is Greyhound bus Tracker accurate?

Is Greyhound bus Tracker accurate?

“We base our performance numbers on when our buses actually arrive at our terminals. We take pride in the accuracy of our data, and we will continue to train drivers in this area to avoid future discrepancies.” Greyhound’s on-time record may be irrelevant — at least legally.

What happens if you miss Greyhound bus?

If you miss your bus you can usually get on the next bus. Whether it comes that night or the next day doesn’t really matter. You may have to get a new ticket printed. There will be a $20 fee if you were the reason you missed your bus.

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Will Greyhound wait for you?

Greyhound bus drivers have a schedule to keep, and they won’t always wait on you! So get to the station at least an hour in advance and avoid having to rush, or worse, getting left behind and having to wait hours for the next bus.

Can you charge your phone on a Greyhound bus?

There’s a standard power outlet at (nearly) every seat, so you can keep your devices charged all the way to your destination.

Where can I find all greyhound information on bus schedules?

Compare options for Greyhound schedules and book official bus tickets with confidence on We provide you with all Greyhound information on bus schedules because we want you to have peace of mind when booking your bus tickets online. Have a nice trip!

How do I exchange a Greyhound bus ticket?

How can I exchange my Greyhound ticket? To exchange or change your ticket, you’ll need to go to a Greyhound station or call Greyhound customer service at 1 (800) 231-2222 at least 24 hours before your bus is scheduled to depart. At that time you will be required to pay an exchange fee of $20 per passenger.

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What happens if I need to get off a Greyhound bus?

(Remember to take your carry-on baggage off the bus when you stop for a layover). When you need to get off one bus and onto another, we’ll stop at a Greyhound station (or, occasionally, another partner station) for your transfer. The time you’ll wait depends on the schedule you choose.

How many Greyhound stations are there in the United States?

There are 230 Greyhound stations (at the time of writing, at least) across the U.S. where you can catch your bus and also buy tickets. These are stations with Greyhound branding that are operated by Greyhound staff or representatives.