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Is HDFC Infinia card good?

Is HDFC Infinia card good?

Bottom Line. Being one of the best premium credit cards in the market today, the HDFC Infinia credit card offers some great luxurious benefits that include airport lounge access, golf privileges and accelerated reward points. The card also comes with a low forex markup fee for primary as well as the add-on cardholder.

Is Infinia the best credit card in India?

2. HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card. HDFC’s most Prestigious Infinia Credit Card comes with a credit limit of Rs 8 Lakhs and above and the unique NPSL* (No Pre-set Spending Limit) feature makes it stand out.

Is HDFC Infinia card life time free?

And now they’re taking one more aggressive step and upgrading many cardmembers to Infinia and Diners Black, as LIFETIME FREE, as reported by many readers. This is a pre-approved offer decided by the bank based on various parameters.

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Which card is better Infinia vs regalia?

Comparison of the Fee – HDFC Infinia vs HDFC Regalia

Basis of Difference HDFC Infinia HDFC Regalia
Renewal Fees Waiving Off Criteria Spend more than ₹8 Lacs in a year and waive off the Renewal Fees. Spend more than 3 Lacs within 3 Months and waive off the Renewal Fees.

Which is the most premium credit card in HDFC?

Top Premium Credit Cards in 2021

Credit Card Variant Joining Fee Category
SBI Card ELITE Rs.4,999 Lifestyle
Air India SBI Signature Card Rs.4,999 Travel
HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Card NIL (when applied on, otherwise Rs.10,000 Lifestyle
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Rs.10,000 Travel

How do I choose the best credit card?

In order to make the most of a credit card, you need to opt for the right card which suits your spending pattern, lifestyle and needs. Many banks offer credit cards that are tailored for diverse lifestyle needs. Choose a credit card that suits your lifestyle and offers you the maximum rewards.

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Should I upgrade from regalia to Infinia?

Yes, definitely. Infinia and Diners Club points are far better in value than Regalia and some of the other variants that are being offered the upgrade. Secondly, on these two credit cards, at least for now, you can earn up to 15K (Infinia) and 7.5K (DCB) bonus points per month for using Smartbuy.

Which is the most premium credit card in India?

Best Premium Credit Cards for High Net Worth Individuals

Credit Card Annual Fee (Excluding Taxes)
HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition Rs. 12,500
SBI Aurum Credit Card Rs. 10,000
Axis Reserve Credit Card Rs. 50,000
Diners Club Black Credit Card Rs. 10,000

What is the difference between HDFC Infinia and SCB ultimate?

If you travel more, HDFC Infinia is better as 1 point = 1 rupee, giving 3.3\% return, is for spends on Infinia site towards travel/stay etc.. when points are used against catalog, 2 point = 1 Rupee and return rate is 1.67\%. Where as SCB ultimate is always 1 reward = 1 rupee giving 3.3\% return.

Which is the best credit card for HDFC regalia?

Well there is obviously the Infinia card offered by HDFC, although it is only offered by them to super premium customers. Infinia gives 5 points for 150 spent, compared to 4 points given by Regalia. Citibank Premier Miles card is a strong contender to HDFC Regalia. Lets compare the two –

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Is Standard Chartered ultimate a good credit card for HNI & affluent?

Whatsoever, SC has finally decided to bet on high Annual fee Premium Credit card for HNI & affluent segment with a really catchy design & reward rate. Standard Chartered India on Sep 15th, 2017 launched its “Ultimate” credit card that works on Visa Infinite platform. Eligibility: ITR 24L p.a / Existing SC CC limit of Rs.5 Lakhs

What are the benefits of the ultimate credit card?

Please note, issuance of Ultimate Credit Card is currently disabled Earn 5 reward points on every INR 150 spent and get maximum benefit with 1 reward point equal to Re 1. 5\% cashback* on duty free spends and access to over 1000 airport lounges across the world.