Is Hermione Granger supposed to be pretty?

Is Hermione Granger supposed to be pretty?

In the Harry Potter books, Hermione is described as rather plain-looking. Meanwhile, Watson is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the entertainment industry. Still, Despite Watson’s unmistakable beauty, it goes without saying that she was just perfect for the role of Hermione.

How is Hermione actually supposed to look?

8 HERMIONE GRANGER This is certainly the case for Hermione, who is supposed to have bushy brown hair and buck teeth (at least until book four when she gets them permanently shrunk.) Meanwhile, Watson sports blond hair in the later-films that’s wavy at best, and her teeth look perfect.

Why is Hermione so hot?

Originally Answered: Why is Hermione Granger so hot? Because Emma Watson was hot, so the writer, producer and directors of the Harry Potter movies decided to make Hermione that way. Yes. Intelligence plus compassion is always sexy.

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Is Emma Watson’s hair naturally curly?

Emma Watson actually had to dye her hair darker for the first three movies. Emma naturally has light brown hair. Her hair has grown lighter (caramel brown) and is wavy, not straight. In The Prisoner of Azkaban, her hair is merely shoulder length and is shown to get curly.

Is Emma Watson very beautiful?

Watson, who turned 27 on Saturday, is number five in our seven days of beauties, leading up to the reveal of PEOPLE’s 2017 World’s Most Beautiful woman on Wednesday, April 19.

What color eyes does Hermione Granger have?

In the Harry Potter books, the brilliant Hermione Granger is described as having frizzy, untamable dark hair, brown eyes, and protruding teeth, but more often is defined by her intellect and devotion to her friends.

Is Emma Watson wearing a wig in the first Harry Potter?

It turns out that in the first few movies, a ton of the scenes featuring Harry, Ron and Hermione were actually filmed using “very small adults” wearing wigs.