Is IBM mainframe good for Career?

Is IBM mainframe good for Career?

If you are in a Indian IT Service based Company, don’t start your career with Mainframes. You will end up screwing your start years not learning new age technology on which new projects are built in the same companies. As you gain experience you will not be valued as others.

What is the use of mainframe technology?

Because of these design strengths, the mainframe is often used by IT organizations to host the most important, mission-critical applications. These applications typically include customer order processing, financial transactions, production and inventory control, payroll, as well as many other types of work.

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Can mainframe be replaced?

Mainframes stand as a telling case in the story of survivor technologies. While it may lose ground to insurgent options, Big Iron is still alive and well as major financial institutions remain loyal to the technology that has served them so well. The mainframe will eventually be replaced with new products and services.

What are the opportunities in mainframe technology nowadays?

The Mainframe system has been dominating the Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Aviation and several other similar sectors for more than 5 decades now. In all these sectors, there are several thousand individuals trying to carry out their transactions at the same time on the same system.

How did you transition from being a mainframe programmer to data scientist?

I had two stages of transition from being a mainframe programmer to getting into data sciences – First one was undergoing a one year programme and the other being the challenges that I face during the day to day work.

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Is mainframe going to go?

Many of my friends (including myself) have been hearing that Mainframe is going to go and to save our future, we must move to a different technology. We have seen posts other wise as well, where posts that all the major banks/corporations have been using Mainframe and we are no where to go.

What programming languages do you use for your mainframe batch jobs?

Most of our mainframe batch jobs are coded in stored procedures and run using Azure Webjobs. Most of the UI are done using C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. I took up the chance and started working on these and building my expertise along.

Can I Change my Career Stream after 7 years of experience?

Changing the work stream may not solve your problem. Shifting career with high work-ex: If your overall experience is more than 7 years, please think thrice before changing stream. Please remember that with more than 7 years of experience, you may not be allowed to experiment in your work rather you will be expected to deliver.