Is it normal to feel like you have no friends during Covid?

Is it normal to feel like you have no friends during Covid?

COVID-19 has made feelings of loneliness pretty common, and even harder to overcome – it’s tough to feel connected to people if you aren’t seeing them in person. Know that you aren’t alone in feeling lonely.

How do you deal with loneliness during lockdown?

It’s really important to remember that loneliness and difficult feelings can pass….

  1. Explore ways to spend time together.
  2. Be more social and check in regularly.
  3. Share your feelings – but do not compare.
  4. Do more things you enjoy.
  5. Stay busy by learning something new.
  6. Volunteer to help others.
  7. Join an online community.

Are older people more likely to feel lonely during lockdown?

The study also indicated that older people could be more vulnerable to feeling lonely, with nearly three quarters of over 55s saying they have struggled during the lockdown and two thirds admitting they have not spoken to anyone about their emotions.

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How do you cope with loneliness during lockdown?

From staying in the present moment to making a plan, here we share expert tips on coping with loneliness during lockdown If you’re having a difficult day, try not to think too far ahead as this can feel overwhelming. Instead, try to concentrate on the next step – such as getting dressed or making a nice coffee mid-morning.

Are you feeling lonely during lockdown in India?

With the extension of lockdown in India, it can be an even more difficult time for those living away from the comfort of their homes. Between staying alone and getting worried about the safety of loved ones, you are not the only one who is fighting bouts of loneliness.

Can you control your feelings in lockdown?

It sounds as if you’ve managed to control your feelings – of grief, loss, maybe anger and fear – until now. In lockdown, life is necessarily small and shrunken, and perhaps the negative feelings we’ve managed to keep in abeyance can suddenly loom large.