Is it worth moving to Bakersfield?

Is it worth moving to Bakersfield?

Worth the move, Bakersfield offers its residents warm weather and many opportunities in business and entertainment. If you are considering a move to California and want to head to Bakersfield whether for work or simply for a change of scenery then you have come to the right place.

Is Fresno good place to live?

Fresno is a great place to live and work. With Clovis Unified Schools and plenty of shopping areas, there is something good for everyone. Fresno has lots of local businesses and eateries and a large variety of Taco Truck food options from traditional tacos to Soul Food and Ramen.

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What kind of people live in Bakersfield California?

Population by Race

Race Population Percentage
White 255,679 67.65\%
Some Other Race 46,973 12.43\%
Black or African American 28,793 7.62\%
Asian 28,059 7.42\%

Is Fresno bigger than Bakersfield?

The population of Bakersfield is 384,000 but the metro population, which includes all of Kern County, is 840,000. The population of Fresno is 530,000 but the metro population is approaching 1 million.

How safe is living in Fresno CA?

Fresno sometimes gets a bad rap for its crime rate. While, as a whole, Fresno ranks above The California state average it is not one of the top 10 worst cities in California. Fresno has a crime index of 4,940 crimes per 100,000 people. California has a crime index of 3,060 per 100,000 people.

How far is Fresno California from the ocean?

Fresno is 100 miles inland from the California Coast so it’s not a beach community by any stretch of the imagination. But many friends and family members visit this area in the south central valley of California and need to know what their options are for driving to ocean beaches.

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Is it cheaper to live in Bakersfield CA?

Bakersfield is more affordable than most other parts of California. Purchasing a home in Bakersfield will cost much less than in Los Angeles. Additionally, Bakersfield residents spend more than the average American on everyday expenses like food, utilities and transportation, but that amount pales in comparison to what Los Angeles residents spend.

Why should you move to Bakersfield?

Bakersfield has for a long time been an intermediary city between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Moving to Bakersfield reveals a lively job market and a friendly city in which to dwell. There are also tight-knit communities among the residents of Bakersfield. One thing you can be assured of in Bakersfield is the best fresh produce in the country.

What county is Bakersfield CA in?

Bakersfield is a city in Kent County, California about 110 miles North of Los Angeles. With a resident population of 380,000, it is the 9th most populous city in California. The population of Bakersfield has received credit for its diversity.

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How does Bakersfield compare to other metro areas for home prices?

Bakersfield offers a lower value than similarly sized metro areas when you compare housing costs to median household income. Data sourced from Zillow median home sale price data series.