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Is Jason stronger than Xavier?

Is Jason stronger than Xavier?

Telepathy: Jason is a very skillful telepath, able to project visions and illusions in other people’s mind. He is also powerful enough to overcome Charles Xavier ‘s powers.

Is Jason Stryker mastermind?

Jason Stryker / Mastermind is a mutant born in 1970 and son to col. William Stryker. He has the ability to place illusions in people’s head as well as brainwashing them.

Is William Stryker a mutant?

In the comics, Stryker is not an army officer, but he’s a reverend, a Christian televangelist that is an anti-mutant activist (Because he believes all mutants are satanic) and runs his own hate group “The Purifiers”.

Is weapon 11 Stryker’s son?

Stryker also noted for Weapon XI project that his son was first piece of puzzle, while Logan is the last, assuming that Weapon XI has DNA (and some ability) from Stryker’s son too, but which one, it is unknown yet, as he does not demonstrate any power that wasn’t possessed by another mutant during the film.

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What happened to strikers son?

Ultimate Marvel His wife Kate Stryker and son John Stryker are killed during the “Ultimatum” wave through New York, leading to his hatred against mutants. His forces (that wears Crusader-esque outfits) later attack Juggernaut and Rogue.

What happened to Jason Stryker’s father William?

William saw his son’s birth as a sign from God, causing him to turn into a religious fanatic that ensures the genocide of all mutants. However, Jason was kept alive and Stryker resorted to A.I.M. to treat his son’s mutant condition.

What is Jason Stryker’s mutation?

Jason Stryker was a mutant with the ability to create illusions in the minds of others. He was the son of Major William Stryker . Stryker sent Jason to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in the hope of curing his mutation, regarding it as a disease.

How did Jason Stryker have a baby?

(February 2019) Jason was born after his parents, William Stryker and Marcy Stryker, crashed their car in the Nevada desert. William was stationed on a nuclear testing facility when Marcy was pregnant. Alone in the desert, Marcy went into labor and Stryker was forced to deliver the baby Jason. Stryker stabbed the newborn Jason.

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What happened to Jason Stryker in the movie?

Jason Stryker’s film version is based off Mastermind /Jason Wyngarde from the comics. In the comics, Jason was killed as an infant after his father realized that he was a mutant, eventually prompting William Stryker’s descent into villainy.