Is Kefla stronger than UI omen Goku?

Is Kefla stronger than UI omen Goku?

Kefla at her strongest surpassed UI sign 1 Goku and was able to fight against UI sign 2 Goku and actually kill him even though she’s weaker. Still Goku couldn’t have weakened over 20 Times and enough to need to be pushed to a 2nd Omen of UI.

How strong is Kefla compared to Goku?

Kefla is stronger because it took Incomplete Ultra Instinct Goku to beat her. According to Perfecr Power Level List wiki, it is 40 Quintillion. That’s 40,000,000,000,000,000.

Is MUI stronger than Kefla?

In conclusion, without the nerf and buff taken away, MUI Goku easily wins. With either or of the buff or nerf taken away Kefla wouldn’t land a hit, even in SSJ3(maybe if it was LSSJ3 it would be different, but look above for reason) but with both buff and nerf, even in LSSJ3 she would never get close.

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What form did Goku use against Kefla?

Super Saiyan Blue Kaio
In the manga, she was only ever shown as a Super Saiyan. In the manga, Kefla attempts to take on Jiren before being confronted by Gohan. In the anime, Kefla only ever confronted Goku. Goku uses the Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken once again in the Tournament in this episode.

Is Kale a fusion?

Kefla is the first canon Legendary Saiyan Fusion. Strangely enough, when Caulifla and Kale fuse in both the anime and manga they are both Super Saiyans, but when Kefla first appears in the anime she is in her base form.

What is Kefla’s strongest form?

Fast forward, Kefla is able to achieve Ssj 2 form in her battle with UI omen Goku.

  • Simply, that Ssj Kefla is around fresh full power Ssj Blue Goku in ToP, while Ssj 2 Kefla, if we are to go with official multipliers,
  • is 2 times stronger than that or around Ssj Blue x kaioken Goku.
  • So, according to this:
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    Is Kefla stronger than Goku?

    Kefla claimed she could destroy an entire universe with a single shot with her immense power. Vados assures though that while Kefla’s attacks are very strong and fast, Goku’s reflexes are still superior. In this stage, she could block a punch from Ultra Instinct Sign Goku, but was unable to avoid a barrage of solid hits.

    What does Kefla turn into in DBZ?

    Kefla transforms into a Super Saiyan and attacks the two before telling the others to go and help Hit as he is facing a more troublesome opponent. Kefla makes a cameo appearance when Goku mentions the Tournament of Power.

    How did Kefla become a Super Saiyan?

    In the manga, Caulifla and Kale fuse to stop Kale’s rampage and as a result of both being Super Saiyans, Kefla is automatically born a Super Saiyan. She then battles Team Universe 11 and eliminates Kunshi, Tupper, Zoire, Cocotte, Kettle, and Vewon.

    Is Kefla’s personality identical to Caulifla?

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    Despite being a fusion of Caulifla and Kale, Kefla’s personality is seemingly only identical to Caulifla’s, likely because Kale is shy and subservient to Caulifla in general.