Is longrich real or fake?

Is longrich real or fake?

Longrich is not scam! It’s a legitimate business that can help you make a lot of money and enjoy other benefits like free international trips, cars etc. As a member of longrich, you can make money from retailing their products. Longrich s good business, they have been around for many years.

Where does longrich products come from?

Longrich is the largest and most advanced center for research, development, manufacture and sales of cosmetics and healthcare products in china, with their products in over 150 countries of the world. The company’s visionary Chairman Zu Xhiwei is one of China’s top Entrepreneurs.

How do I start a longrich business?

Step 1: The first step in order to become a Longrich distributor in Nigeria is to first register by visiting any of the longrich offices or stockist centers nearest to you. Get in and request for the registration form. Choose any of the packages or entry levels to start with.

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How long has longrich been in existence?

Since our foundation in 1986, Longrich has been gone through a great and steady development so to become today a world famous company of cosmetic brands and health care industry. An investment of 600 Million RMB was made to build China’s most advanced and world class intelligent factory.

How much is longrich worth?


Type Subsidiary
Products health products organic food nutritional supplements cookware cosmetics personal care homecare
Revenue US$ 1 billion (2018)
Owner Jowell Global
Number of employees 12000+

What are the benefits of being a longrich member?


  • Performance bonus: Your entry status as silver (8\%), gold (10\% ) or Platinum/VIP(12\%) determines your earning power.
  • Development bonus: (10\% flat) paid on 2 of the highest PV (purchase value)per level.
  • Leadership bonus : (10\% – 45\%) paid on sponsorship tree up to 12th generation according to your ranking.

Are longrich products organic?

A multinational network company named “Longrich” with professionalism & a giant mind in manufacturing organic health and cosmetic products has found its presence in Nigeria in the year 2013 but started operations in china in 1986.

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How do I get to Diamond 1 in Longrich?

Platinum is automatic Diamond 1 or accumulated pvs of 720 will make you Diamond 1. Diamond 2 – 1680PVS…. VIP is automatic Diamond 2 or accumulated pvs of 1680 will make you Diamond 2.

How much is Longrich registration?

Registration is FREE! Just buy Products that worth the proposed Entry value. The simple step is to get registered as a Longrich distributor in Nigeria at any membership entry level specified by Longrich. VIP MEMBERSHIP: Earns 1\% monthly global shares in addition to 12\% weekly bonuses on your team activity.

How do I get to Diamond 1 in longrich?

Does longrich have face cream?

Longrich Creams & Moisturizers | Best Price in Nigeria | Jumia NG.

How do you make money with longrich?

1. One way to make money from Longrich is by retailing their products. If you are good with online marketing, you can take one of the products (let’s say the one the solves erectile dysfunction), promote it and make a lot of money. All you need do is to set up an ad and target those people who have such problems.

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How can you make money with Longrich?

Longrich has a variety of product lines. They are in line with categories such as personal care, healthcare, oral care, household products, anti-aging products, and beauty cosmetics. How Can You Make Money With Longrich? The compensation plan for Longrich offers employees the chance to earn commissions for the sale of goods and services.

Is the Longrich MLM company legit?

The Longrich MLM company is well known in over 160 countries worldwide and has a good reputation and acceptance rate. This is an excellent accomplishment worth commending. In almost any country in the world, you can see their offices and representatives. Proof that their trust has been built.

Where is Longrich based?

Longrich is a China-based and Mr. Xu Zhiwei is the founder of the company. Today, they operate in over 160 countries around the world. How Does Longrich Work?

How does the compensation plan for Longrich work?

The compensation plan for Longrich offers employees the chance to earn commissions for the sale of goods and services. When you refer other members to a business building a downline or group, you will receive pay commission.