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Is osmos 5 real?

Is osmos 5 real?

Osmos V was the supposed home planet of the Osmosians. In reality, it never existed, only to be made up by Servantis.

What does Osmosian mean?

Osmosians are a subspecies of mutant Humans whose abilities are given by unique genetic components in their DNA. They were originally believed to a be species from the planet “Osmos V” before this information was revealed to be a hoax.

Is Michael the Morningstar Osmosian?

Michael doesn’t appear to be an Osmosian either due to the obvious difference in how his powers work. On the other hand, his father might be of a third alien race that absorbs energy like Osmosians and Vladats do. On the third hand, he is just a mutant.

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What species is kevin11?

Kevin Ethan Levin (otherwise known as Kevin 11) is either an Osmosian or an ordinary Human. He is commonly portrayed as either an enemy or an ally to Ben Tennyson.

Is Darkstar an Osmosian?

Derrick confirmed that they are both mutants. Osmosians are a subspecies of humans, while mutans, well look up what a mutant is.

How did Michael Morningstar get his powers?

Ultimate Darkstar When Kevin becomes normal, Michael takes advantage of this moment and absorbs the vast powers and abilities of the Dominus Librium, becoming the power-hungry Morningstar again. He then shreds off his clothes and becomes pure energy.

How do I become Anodite?

In order to unlock the spark to be able to become an Anodite (if you have Anodite heritage), is to awaken it by learning spells or practicing mana manipulation.

Who is Michael Morningstar?

Michael Morningstar, also known as Darkstar, is one of the recurring villains of the franchise. He has the ability to drain life force from living beings in physical contact.

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Are there any natural osmosians?

Kevin is the only known natural Osmosian, as Aggregor is a lab experiment. Devlin, having inherited Kevin’s genetic mutation, is also a natural Osmosian albeit from an alternate timeline.

What is the OSMOS V?

Osmos V was first mentioned in Escape from Aggregor, Aggregor told Bivalvan, Andreas, Galapagus, P’andor and Ra’ad that he had built a machine on his home planet to let him absorb all of their powers and that they were heading there before the aliens escaped to Earth .

What is the origin of the osmosians?

When their existence was first revealed, the Osmosians were believed to be an alien species native to the planet Osmos V. However, this was retconned in the Omniverse episode “The Rooters of All Evil”, which revealed that Osmosians are a human subspecies and that both Osmos V and the sun Osmos were both made up by Servantis .

How much energy can an Osmosian absorb?

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The amount of energy an Osmosian can absorb at once, as well as the extremeness of the mutation, depends on their experience. If an Osmosian were to absorb DNA of multiple life forms at once or from the Omnitrix or Ultimatrix, the absorbed DNA will overwrite their own, causing them to mutate into a fusion of the absorbed aliens.