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Is s20fe better than S20?

Is s20fe better than S20?

There’s no clear better phone between the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and the Galaxy S20. This includes a big 6.5-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a powerful triple camera system along with a 32MP selfie shooter and a 4,500 mAh battery that’s bigger than the one in the regular S20.

What does FE stand for on Galaxy S20?

Back in September last year, Samsung took the wraps off its newest smartphone in the 2020 Galaxy S series: the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (the ‘FE’ stands for “Fan Edition”). As the name implies, this phone offers what Samsung considers to be the most important Galaxy S fans’ wants.

Is Galaxy S20 and S20 Fe same case?

Although it would seem that the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 FE are of similar size, it’s confirmed that phone cases will not fit both models. As they are different in size, the phone cases for the S20 would be too small for the S20 FE.

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Are the S20 and S20 FE the same size?

The S20 FE is a bigger phone with a 6.5-inch screen, while the S20 has a 6.2-inch screen. The battery size is also bigger in the S20 FE as it gets a 4500 mAh battery instead of the 4000 mAh battery in the flagship phone. The Galaxy S20 FE can only record videos in up to 4K and doesn’t seem to support HDR+.

Is S20 FE waterproof?

Protect from splashes, raindrops and dust When your Galaxy S20 FE 5G gets a little wet, there’s no need to panic—it’s rated IP68 for water and dust resistance and can stand up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

Does the Galaxy S20 Fe have wireless charging?

Using the latest Wireless Fast Charge technology, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE / S20 FE 5G can charge wirelessly quicker than previous generations. Using fast wireless charging technologies, you can recharge your Galaxy S20 FE / FE 5G fully in less time ever than before.

Does the Galaxy S20 Fe come with headphones?

Whereas the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra all come with headphones in the box, though, the S20 FE does not. As the most affordable device in the range, that’s one area in which costs have been cut, and it means users must make a choice about how they want to listen via headphones.

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Are the S20 and S20 Fe the same size?

What does FE stand for Samsung?

The Galaxy S20 FE, or Fan Edition, is Samsung’s attempt at taking on the affordable flagship segment.

Can I take my Samsung S20 Fe in the shower?

Don’t take your device into the shower, sauna, hot tub, and other places with hot water vapour. They were not designed for that type of environment. Hot water vapour has a different effect on seals and plastics that cold water emersion.

Does S20 Fe have Face Unlock?

Facial recognition is utilized to unlock the device. For optimal performance, ensure you are indoors or away from direct sunlight. If synced to a corporate exchange account, the availability of this option is dependent upon the policies of your IT admin.

What’s the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and S20 Fe?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra On paper at least, there don’t seem to be many core differences between the phones. The 6.5-inch S20 FE retains many of the top-shelf features found in its flashier siblings.

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What’s the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Fan Edition?

The front camera on the Fan Edition is 32 megapixels, and this compares to the 10-megapixel camera included with the standard Galaxy S20. The size of the phones also differ, with the Fan Edition boasting a larger screen at 6.5 inches, compared to the Galaxy S20’s 6.2-inch screen.

What is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and S21+?

The biggest design difference is in the display, with the S20+ having curved display edges, while the S21+ and S20 FE are both flat displays. That makes the Galaxy S20+ look a little more premium from the front.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe g780f waterproof and dustproof?

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE G780F, Internation… Help our community by sharing your experience. The device is dustproof and water-resistant. Water-resistant devices can resist the penetration of water, such as powerful water jets, but not being submerged into water.