Is simultaneously the same as at the same time?

Is simultaneously the same as at the same time?

Use the adverb simultaneously to describe actions that occur at the same time. It just means that things are happening at the same time. If a presidential debate is broadcast simultaneously on three television channels, “broadcast” is the only action but it’s happening in three places at once.

What is difference between simultaneously and concurrently?

Concurrently implies coordination while simultaneously simply means at the same time.

How can I use simultaneously?

at the same instant.

  1. Two children answered the teacher’s question simultaneously.
  2. The two guns fired almost simultaneously.
  3. We struck at several of his units simultaneously.
  4. The game will be broadcast simultaneously on TV and radio.
  5. The event will be telecast simultaneously to nearly 150 cities.
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Is concurrently at the same time?

Concurrent describes things that are occurring, or people who are doing something, at the same time, such as “concurrent users” of a computer program. If that person gets a concurrent sentence, he or she undergoes all punishments at the same time.

What is a word for working at the same time?

What is another word for at the same time?

coincident contemporaneous
concurrent simultaneous
synchronous coexistent
coincidental coexisting
accompanying attendant

What is the synonyms of simultaneously?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for simultaneously, like: at-the-same-time, concurrently, synchronously, all-together, all-at-once, time, as one, instantaneously, accompanied, together and simultaneous.

What do you mean by simultaneous?

1 : existing or occurring at the same time : exactly coincident. 2 : satisfied by the same values of the variables simultaneous equations.

What is the difference between spontaneous and simultaneous?

As adverbs the difference between simultaneously and spontaneously. is that simultaneously is occurring at the same time while spontaneously is in a spontaneous manner; naturally; voluntarily.

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What is simultaneously in computer?

A computer that serves to back up another computer and can replace it when it is not operating effectively. …

What is the difference between parallel and concurrent?

A system is said to be concurrent if it can support two or more actions in progress at the same time. A system is said to be parallel if it can support two or more actions executing simultaneously. The key concept and difference between these definitions is the phrase “in progress.”

What is the difference between current and concurrent?

While current refers to something that is happening right now, concurrent describes two or more things happening at the same time.

What is the difference between concurrently and simultaneously?

I just looked these up in an online dictionary; this is what I found: Both of them mean “at the same time,” and are almost interchangeable. That said, if I had to point out a slight difference, I’d say that concurrently occurs over a longer time, and is a bit less synchronized than simultaneously.

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How do you use simultaneously in a sentence?

A good way to understand simultaneously is to use a comparison with a similar word – concurrently – as an example. You may have several projects at home or at work. You can work on one for a while and then stop and work on another. These projects are being worked on concurrently. They are in progress together, but not simultaneously.

What is the meaning of concurrent in math?

That is to say, they’re working towards the same goal. The other meaning of concurrent is related to geometry, where you might say two lines were concurrent: they’re going to intersect at a common point.