Is there a cheaper alternative to Dropbox?

Is there a cheaper alternative to Dropbox?

Yes, there are several cheaper alternatives to Dropbox. There are many competitors to Dropbox. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are probably the two most famous ones, but less mainstream services like and pCloud are arguably even better options.

How can I get a discount on Dropbox?

Try an annual Dropbox Individual plan to get 10-15\% off of file-sharing services, data storage in the cloud and mobile data transfer services. Sign up for a Dropbox Enterprise account to get volume discounts, extra add-ons for data governance, priority IT support, and advanced permission controls.

Is there a free version of Dropbox for business?

Get a Dropbox free account Sign up for 2 GB of storage, and start accessing and sharing photos, documents, and other files from any device.

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How do I get 50GB Dropbox?

If you used all of these methods, you could add more than 50GB of free space to your account, as of January 2014.

  1. Dropbox Referrals. If you can persuade people to open a Dropbox account, get them to use your referral link when they join.
  2. Tasks for Free Storage.
  3. Camera Upload Allowances.
  4. Cell Phone and Tablet Promotions.

How much storage do you need on Dropbox?

The Dropbox announcements follow plans unveiled a couple of weeks ago, giving paying users twice as much storage, now a minimum of 2TB (Plus plan) rising to 3TB (Professional) or 5TB for Business Standard users. There is a downside, which is that the price has gone up by around 20 per cent for customers on the Plus plan, the cheapest paid option.

Why is there so much more space on Google Drive than Dropbox?

Google is a far bigger company than dropbox and have a LOT of servers lying around with unused space on them.

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What is the difference between Dropbox and Google Docs?

Dropbox is relatively small and lacks the capital Google has to offer these services at a lower price. As for differences in service, Dropbox has file revision history on all files in comparison to Google’s previous versions for Google Doc formats. Unless Google has changed this recently, it still holds true.

What is the new Dropbox desktop client?

The company has a new desktop client for Windows and Mac so that when you click the Dropbox icon you no longer get your Dropbox files shown in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder by default. Instead, you get the shiny new Dropbox app (currently in early access preview) with a Create button for starting new Microsoft Office or Google G Suite documents.