Is tongue web piercing visible?

Is tongue web piercing visible?

Frenulum Linguae (Tongue Web, Under Tongue, Marley) Piercing. This piercing is completely hidden (unless you’re intentionally showing it off), so it’s the perfect solution for piercing fanatics that aren’t allowed to have them visible for any reason.

Are tongue web piercings easy to hide?

The tongue web piercing has become very popular, very quickly because it’s one of those piercings that are super easy to conceal. The tongue web piercing is hidden because of the location and people think it encourages those who wear it to be more careful with what they say.

Will my tongue web piercing close up?

This is your body moisturizing the area until it’s returned to normalcy. It’s safe to remove your piercing during this phase, but keep in mind that tongue piercings close very fast. People who’ve had their piercing in for years reported it closing up in a matter of days. For others, it can be about a week or two.

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How old do u have to be to get a tongue web piercing?

This includes not giving anybody a piercing under the age of 14 years. If you’re 14 to 16 you must bring a parent or guardian. Also, piercings below the neck and on tongues at this age are carried out at the discretion of the piercer.

Can you kiss with a Web piercing?

It’s also very important to avoid oral sex, kissing, and excessive talking during the healing process. Talking too much puts undue stress on your healing piercing (particularly with tongue web piercings), and engaging in any oral sexual acts will expose you to bacteria and make you susceptible to infection.

Do tongue web piercings affect your speech?

The only other problem that can arise with a tongue web piercing pertains to speech. Your extra-large starter jewelry–which will be bigger than you might like to accommodate any swelling that occurs without putting pressure on your piercing–may impede your speech at first.

How can I hide my tongue piercing from my parents?

Try to pick a clear plastic ball or a flesh-colored ball for the ends of your tongue piercing barbell. These will be less obvious than flashy metal or a colorful ball, so they are easier to hide. Get a clear plastic retainer. The best way to minimize visibility of a new piercing is by getting a clear plastic retainer.

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How bad do web piercings hurt?

With all web piercings, you should just feel a momentary pinch, followed by the pressure of your jewelry being inserted. The area may be tender for a week or more after being pierced, but any sharp pain you experience will be momentary, during the actual piercing.

What is the white stuff around my Web piercing?

Discharge of Lymph Lymph is a clear or whitish substance that the body naturally excretes from healing wounds. It’s totally harmless, but we’ve included it here because some people find it concerning when they see lymph excreted from a healing oral web piercing.

Can you smoke with a Web piercing?

Smoking. Smoking is a double whammy for a healing oral frenulum piercing. The smoke can dry out your mouth, and the nicotine will cause a systemic effect that will slow down your body’s ability to heal. Nicotine gum may not be a great idea, though, since it could get stuck to your jewelry, pull it and cause a tear.

Can you get a web piercing on your tongue?

Pro-Piercing Tip: If you’re thinking about getting your tongue frenulum pierced, then make sure you have enough going on under there to get it at all! Check with your local professional piercer to be sure that you have enough tissue present to make the tongue web piercing a possibility.

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How much does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?

How much does the tongue piercing hurt? The tongue may seem like it would be sensitive, but most report relatively low piercing pain. With an experienced piercer, you will feel a pinch, but they’ll conduct the procedure quickly, so it will be fast. The real pain comes in the days immediately afterward.

How long does it take for a tongue web piercing to heal?

Check with your local professional piercer to be sure that you have enough tissue present to make the tongue web piercing a possibility. The tongue web piercing has a pretty short healing time of about 4 to 6 weeks total and is known to have a fairly easy process to heal.

What should you not do after getting a tongue piercing?

No alcohol or cigarettes. For any piercing, it’s best to stay away from these vices, since they can affect your body’s immune system. For tongue piercings, it’s imperative. The chemicals in both alcohol and cigarettes harm the healing piercing and encourage infection. Stay fully away for the entire healing process.