Is Value Momentum better than TCS?

Is Value Momentum better than TCS?

Tata Consultancy Services scored higher in 3 areas: Work-life balance, Culture & Values and Positive Business Outlook. ValueMomentum scored higher in 4 areas: Compensation & Benefits, Senior Management, CEO Approval and \% Recommend to a friend. Both tied in 2 areas: Overall Rating and Career Opportunities.

Is ValueMomentum is a Indian company?

ValueMomentum is headquarter in Piscataway, Nj with state-of-the-art delivery centers in Piscataway, NJ and Hyderabad, India.

How many employees are there in ValueMomentum?

“We currently have 1,600 employees, of which 500 are in the US and 1,100 in Hyderabad.

Why choose Optimus Pharma?

Focused in FR&D, development and commercialization. The facility would meet the requirements of global health authorities. Optimus Pharma is engaged in the manufacture of oral solids like tablets, capsules and pellets.

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How can Optimus recuits help with your staffing needs?

Combined with the high-performant and state-of-the-art Optimus Platform, we can assist your business with any of your staffing needs! 1. Optimus Recuits prides itself in having a detailed understanding of health and social care and the needs surrounding it, enabling us to ensure that the professionals we recruit are of the highest calibre.

Why choose Optimus payroll?

Payroll, National Insurance, and Holiday Pay is all sorted! This includes ready to view timesheets. Dedicated and reliable experts are available around the clock to help you with any issues and enquiries. Optimus provides you a service that you can trust. Our highly committed staff have been thoroughly vetted!

Why did you choose TCS as a career?

The enriching digital profile and the distinct career path has been the perfect launchpad for my career. My transformation from a compulsive tech enthusiast to a confident and resilient IT professional has boosted my prospects. TCS has inspired me to adapt to the ever evolving IT ecosystem.