Is vivo V15 has good camera?

Is vivo V15 has good camera?

The Vivo V15 is a stylish phone with a lot of goodness inside it. But it has some issues as well. It is a good all-rounder phone with good looks, great battery life, decent performance, fast and smooth pop-up camera, decent camera performance on front and back, and bright display.

Does vivo V15 have fingerprint sensor?

Vivo V15 Pro Review The Chinese smartphone maker’s latest launch in India, the Vivo V15 Pro is meant to bring aspirational and useful features to a more affordable segment, and offers a pop-up selfie camera as well as an in-display fingerprint sensor and triple rear cameras.

Will Vivo V15 get Android 12?

Vivo has announced that it will start rolling out the updates of FunTouch OS 12 from the end of November 2021. Vivo also announced that this rollout will continue till the end of April 2022. The majority of the Vivo devices will receive the FunTouch OS 12 update in Q2, 2022.

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How long does vivo V15 battery last?

9 hours and 11 minutes
Sporting a bigger 4,000 mAh battery than the Pro model, the Vivo V15 scored a decent 9 hours and 11 minutes in our PC Mark Work 2.0 Battery Life test. The Vivo V15’s battery life was pretty much in line with the rest of the competition.

How do I know if my vivo V15 is original?

How To Check if Your Vivo Android Smartphone is Original or Not…

  1. Get your unit’s IMEI 1 number by going to Settings > More Settings > About Phone.
  2. Open your smartphone or computer’s web browser and visit this site: bit.ly/TPVivoReal.

Does vivo V15 support 4G?

Answer: Yes , Vivo V15 Pro supports 4G VoLTE. Other options include Bluetooth, A-GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ Question: Does Vivo V15 Pro has dual VoLTE? Answer: Yes, V15 Pro supports dual VoLTE.

Does vivo V15 Pro support fast charging?

A) Yes . The Vivo V15 Pro comes with Dual-Engine Fast charging that is capable of charging the phone to 50 percent in just 30 minutes. Q) How much free storage space does one get on the Vivo 15 Pro out of the box?

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Does vivo V15 Pro support wireless charging?

Yes, the Vivo V15 Pro features face unlock with its 6.39-inch AMOLED screen. Does Vivo V15 Pro support wireless charging? The Vivo V15 Pro packs a 3,700 mAh battery but skips wireless charging support, instead, there’s fast charging support.

Does vivo V15 Pro support NFC?

Ans. Vivo V15 Pro not support NFC. There are other connectivity options in the Vivo V15 Pro like Bluetooth 5.0 and Hotspot. Yes. No. Q. Does Vivo V15 Pro have a face unlock feature? Ans. Yes, The Vivo V15 Pro Mobile has a face unlock feature. The phone uses AI face recognition technology using the selfie camera for fast face unlock.