Is Zack Snyder a comic book writer?

Is Zack Snyder a comic book writer?

He graduated with a BFA in film in 1989. The production notes for Snyder’s first film Dawn of the Dead describes Snyder as “a comic book and horror film enthusiast in his youth”.

What is Scott Snyder writing now?

Dark Nights: Death Metal is Scott Snyder’s biggest project yet in his 10 years at DC, but it will also be his last big superhero project with DC for a while. “I’m not leaving superheroes, but I need to start working on more of my own stuff,” Snyder tells Newsarama.

What has Scott Snyder written?

Scott Snyder has written WYTCHES, American Vampire, The Wake, SEVERED, Batman, Superman Unchained, and Swamp Thing, among many other projects. He’s also the writer of the short story collection Voodoo Heart. He is an avid and non-ironic fan of Elvis Presley.

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Who is Snyder DC comics?

Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder has written comics for both DC and Marvel, including the bestselling series AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN and SWAMP THING, and is the author of the story collection Voodoo Heart (The Dial Press). He teaches writing at Sarah Lawrence College, NYC and Columbia University.

How many issues of Batman did Scott Snyder write?

Batman by Scott Snyder: The New 52. This is when Scott Snyder became the main writer on the Batman series, working with Greg Capullo on 52 issues.

Who wrote Superman?

Jerry Siegel
Christopher NolanJoe ShusterWayne Boring

Superman, American comic strip superhero created for DC Comics by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. Superman first appeared in Action Comics, no. 1 (June 1938).

Who is Snyder DC Comics?

Is Scott Snyder leaving DC?

Although he’s contributing some to the upcoming Infinite Frontier #0 one-shot (as an extension of the Death Metal finale), Snyder’s own ‘future state’ (pardon the pun) involves more creator-owned work than ever before – but he’s not leaving DC completely.

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How do I contact Scott Snyder?

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