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IS Zoom and Reverse Flash the same?

IS Zoom and Reverse Flash the same?

The Reverse-Flash and Zoom have a long and very intertwined history, leaving some to believe the two baddies are the same villain. In the comics, the Reverse-Flash is also commonly referred to as “Professor Zoom,” or simply “Zoom.” And in some comics, Eobard Thawne is the Reverse-Flash and in others he’s Zoom.

Who is faster Reverse Flash or Zoom?

Technically Reverse Flash is faster than Zoom because he increases his speed, and doesn’t slow down time around him. However, Zoom has a more useful power because he can slow down time to a crawl so that everyone looks like they’re standing still.

Who wins Reverse Flash or Zoom?

Zoom wasn’t fast enough to create a speed mirage between universes. But he is able to make a normal one like Reverse Flash. Zoom is actually faster. Guys, to be honest, Zoom would beat Reverse Flash and then Savitar would beat Zoom and Flash would beat EVERYONE!!!

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Is Zoom better than flash?

Even though Barry and Wally are incredibly fast, the Hunter Zolomon Zoom doesn’t technically travel by moving, or by running. So in that sense he is a normal human at speed, but he can teleport which means he is faster than anything in the world. So yes, Zoom is faster than the Flash.

Do they defeat Zoom?

He has beaten the Reverse Flash, defeated Zoom, outraced Death itself. According to the comics, when you change the timeline, and you change it back again to the original, the black flash comes to kill you. Barry Allen was faster than him. 1.

Who is faster, Reverse Flash or zoom?

Furthermore, since the Flash is faster than Zoom when he received the tachyon enhancement device, no matter if Zoom uses V9, it is concluded that Eobard Thawne is faster than Barry but Barry is faster than Zoom. The Flash and Reverse Flash are equal in speed in the future.

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What is Reverse Flash real name?

The Reverse Flash’s real name is Eobard Thawne and he’s descendant of the late Eddie Thawne from the 22nd century. Obsessed with The Flash of the 21st Century (that’s Barry) he went so far as to recreate the accident that created The Flash to give himself powers.

What is a Reverse Flash?

Reverse Flash’s powers are tied to the Flash’s through the Speed Force. Reverse Flash is basically a non speedster deriving his power from the speed force created by the Flash. So It can be said that his weakness is Flash, if there would be no Flash there wouldn’t be a a Reverse Flash.