What are some questions to ask about WW1?

What are some questions to ask about WW1?

8 Questions About World War I Answered

  • What was the main cause of World War I?
  • What countries fought in World War I?
  • How was trench warfare used in World War I?
  • Why was the Lusitania important?
  • Who won World War I?
  • What was the significance of World War I?
  • What were the main provisions of the Treaty of Versailles?

What are 3 things you should know about WW1?

10 Things You Should Know About WWI

  • Troops were prepared for battle.
  • People feared German invasion.
  • 700,000 women entered the workforce.
  • Millions of horses were used by the warring nations.
  • Tanks were first used at the Battle of the Somme.
  • Britain manufactured and used poison gas.
  • Roll on/roll off ferries were developed.
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What would have happened if WW1 never started?

Without World War I, there probably wouldn’t have been World War II. No Cold War. Without tens of millions of deaths, European nations would have likely put more resources into building their economies. Germany would have become an economic, scientific and cultural powerhouse.

What caused ww1?

The spark that set off World War I came on June 28, 1914, when a young Serbian patriot shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Austria), in the city of Sarajevo. Because European nations had numerous colonies around the world, the war soon became a global conflict.

How could of ww1 been prevented?

He believes that World War One could have been prevented, if Archduke Franz Ferdinand had survived the assassin’s bullet. “Franz Ferdinand was the strongest spokesman for peace in Austria-Hungary. He believed that a war with Russia would lead to the downfall of both empires.”

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How did WW1 lead to ww2?

The major causes of World War II were numerous. They include the impact of the Treaty of Versailles following WWI, the worldwide economic depression, failure of appeasement, the rise of militarism in Germany and Japan, and the failure of the League of Nations. Then, on September 1, 1939, German troops invaded Poland.

Are there any questions about WW2 that are still unanswered?

Aside from the visible tales of death and destruction, World War II left us with many mysteries and unanswered questions. While we have gotten to the bottom of several of these mysteries, many still remain unanswered and might not be getting answers anytime soon.

What was the significance of the US entering WW1?

The entrance of the United States into World War I was a very significant event. The fighting in World War I had been going since the summer of 1914. By April of 1917, when the United States… How did machine guns change the way battles were fought? The first automatic machine gun was invented by the American, Hiram S. Maxim, in 1884.

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How did nationalism cause WW1?

The most direct way nationalism caused World War I was through the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Many oppressed Slavic… How did the Alliance System help cause World War I?

Which country suffered the greatest consequences from WW1?

I agree with the responses above that Germany suffered the greatest consequences from World War I. Germany is sometimes blamed for the start of the war and for that reason the price at the end of… What were the negative effects of the Treaty of Versailles?