What can you do with a medical degree besides medicine?

What can you do with a medical degree besides medicine?

Civil service.

  • Defence medical services.
  • Expedition medicine.
  • Law.
  • Medical communications and medical writing.
  • Medical education.
  • Medical journalism.
  • Medical politics and ethics.
  • What happens after you become a doctor?

    They begin as medical students, then progress to interns, residents, and fellows. Once residency and fellowship trainings are complete, a person can become a board-certified attending physician.

    What is a doctor called after residency?

    attending physician
    Once a resident finishes their residency, they are considered an attending physician. The attending physician is in charge of the whole medical team- including the residents, intern, and medical student.

    Should I Quit my med school?

    Considering the competition for spots (52,550 applicants competed for 20,631 med school seats in 2016), most students would usually be relieved to get in anywhere, despite the price tag. As a medical student, quitting during the first term of first year would be the least damaging financially.

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    What should you do after you leave clinical medicine?

    Of course, there’s nothing stopping you for cultivating an alternate set of skills in order to facilitate your exit from clinical medicine. That could be another degree such as a MBA if you wanted to go into medical administration or consulting. It could also be developing a freelance writing career or becoming a novelist like Michael Crichton.

    Should I go to McKinsey after med school?

    Leaving medicine immediately after medical school graduation with some vague plan of getting a $150K position at McKinsey is probably not the best idea either. Whereas if you continue on with residency, your salary the first few years might be low, but it will increase significantly once you become an attending.

    What can you do after medical school without residency?

    Medical graduates who have leadership and management skills can become a program director, compliance officer or even a CEO in medical facilities. You’ll surely have an advantage over someone who has no health background. 6. Physician Assistant Taking jobs after medical school without residency doesn’t necessarily mean working outside patient-care.

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