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What can you do with a philosophy and Religious Studies degree?

What can you do with a philosophy and Religious Studies degree?

Philosophy and religion graduates pursue careers in various sectors, including non- profits, government/ legal, education and business. In the non-profit field, graduates work with religious institutions and affiliated agencies and other social service/ health care organizations in various roles.

Why is it important to study religion and philosophy?

Studying Religion, Philosophy and Ethics helps us to understand other people’s beliefs, what their beliefs and values are and why they do the things they do. It helps us to think about our own beliefs as well as looking at alternative belief systems we might want to find out about in the future.

Is the Bible a philosophy?

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The philosophy of the Bible is a religious philosophy, and that is implicit in its texts on “the nature of reasoning in religious thought, the warranting of beliefs, the justification of religious experience, strategies in polemical arguments, the nature of rational thinking, and the logic of belief revision.”

Should I double major in philosophy and business?

If the latter, ten you should double major in whatever subject you want to pursue. Major in business, or computer science, engineering, or education. In otherwords, the answer to that wuestion depends entirely on you. If you want to be an academic, choose a major that supplements your philosophical interests. Like Plato and Aristotle?

What does double use of a course mean?

Double use of a course means using one course for two different major requirements. This is generally allowed only for course requirements in the major, and not for other requirements. The exception to this is that PPEL allows double dipping with a Philosophy or Economics minor.

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How do I choose the right philosophy major?

You should ask the faculty at the philosophy department at your university. You can make your decision based upon life experience at work and school, or learned interests for your later work. You can also look at your educational history and evaluate your favorite subjects, career developments, or family advice.

Do I need to complete a minor if I double major?

Students who double major are not required to complete a minor. Those in dual-degree programs can often use courses from their second degree toward the minor requirements in their first degree. Contact your advisor for more details.