What Cannot be seen but only heard and will not speak until spoken to?

What Cannot be seen but only heard and will not speak until spoken to?

Many have heard me riddle answer is an echo. The echo can be heard but cannot be seen and it is not audible till someone speaks. Therefore the Many have heard me riddle answer is rightly an echo.

What Cannot talk but will answer when spoken to riddle?

Explanation: An echo is a natural phenomenon when sound reflects back to the listener with a delay after the actual sound time. So it is only a reply and can not initiate sound production first. This proves that it can’t talk but will reply.

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What’s the answer to the Facebook riddle?

Eyes – This is the most widely accepted answer, and according to Strugnell, the only answer to avoid the humiliation of being a Giraffe on Facebook. If you are asleep as the riddle defines, and the doorbell rings, the first thing you would do is open your eyes upon hearing the doorbell.

What can be used until it’s broken riddle answer?

What am I?” The answer, of course, is an egg. A simple egg holds such profound truth!

What is the first thing you see riddle?

The first thing you open is your eyes. You were – after all – asleep. (People who sleep with their eyes open not withstanding).

What are some good riddles to answer?

Classic Riddles Answers. Riddle #1: Mercury. The element looks shiny, silver, and is wet. The god Mercury has two wings but only uses them to run. Riddle #2: A bookkeeper. Riddle #3: Balance. Riddle #4: Words. Riddle #5: Counterfeit money. Riddle #6: A diamond. Riddle #7: A man. He crawls as a baby, then walks,…

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What are 50 Amazing riddles that only geniuses can solve?

50 Amazing Riddles Only Geniuses Can Solve 1 2 They can be harbored, but few hold water…. …You can nurse them, but only by holding them against someone else. 2 38 Mary’s father has 4 children…. …Three are named Nana, Nene, and Nini… What is the 4th child’s name? 3 41 Bobby likes Jimmy but not Joe….

What is the riddle library?

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Is there anything that can be answered but never asked?

When I first read the question I said this should be easy: the answer is a telephone, and that is it. But there are a lot of things that can be answered but are never asked. I thought about a letter, a door, an email, but an email could have a question in it, and I decided to just say a telephone.