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What did Ray Davies think of the Beatles?

What did Ray Davies think of the Beatles?

In the August 1966, The Kinks’ Ray Davies reviewed The Beatles’ latest album, Revolver, for Disc and Music Echo Magazine. He didn’t like it. In fact he thought it was garbage, or “rubbish” as we Brits say, and that was even after listening to each track three or four times.

How old is Alex Turner Arctic Monkeys?

35 years (January 6, 1986)
Alex Turner/Age

How old is Dave Davies of The Kinks?

74 years (February 3, 1947)
Dave Davies/Age

Are the kinks in the Hall of Fame?

The Kinks/Hall of fame inductions

Are the Kinks A good band?

Nowadays The Kinks have been called “The greatest and most underrated rock ‘n’ roll band of all time”. Ray Davies is often cited as being as good a songwriter as John Lennon and McCartney and The Kinks’ best music still resonates today, a fact that is shown by the use of their songs in commercials.

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Who came first Kinks or Beatles?

The MOJO 20th Anniversary cover: how You Really Got Me saved Ray Davies – read the full story inside! This intense rivalry is something that Ray Davies felt first hand in 1964 when fledgling Kinks – then with just two minor hits under their belts – supported The Beatles, already the biggest band in the world.

Did The Kinks hate the Beatles?

Davies had been pissed at the Beatles and took a shot at them in revenge. “We’d played with the Beatles in Bournemouth [on Aug. 4, 1964], and John Lennon made a remark that we were only there to warm up for them,” Davies said in 2013. “But we got a great reaction to ‘You Really Got Me.

Is Badfinger related to the Beatles?

Beatles Connection: In addition to being discovered and produced by various Beatles, members of Badfinger played on George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, John Lennon’s Imagine, and Ringo’s “It Don’t Come Easy.” The entire band backed up George Harrison and others at the 1971 Concert for Bangladesh.

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Will there ever be another Beatlesque band?

There never will be another Beatles, but there are bands that are “Beatlesque.” What makes a band “Beatlesque?” Almost every rock group (not to mention modern jazz and classical musicians) has been influenced by The Beatles, so we need to narrow the criteria.

What was the first band to play with the Beatles?

1. Badfinger Badfinger began as a cover band called The Iveys, playing the hits of the day, including songs by The Beatles. At one point, Ray Davies of The Kinks offered to produce them, but nothing came of that. After Beatles’ roadie Mal Evans saw them perform at the Marquee Club in January, 1968, he played their demos for each of The Beatles.

Which other British Invasion bands were similar to the Beatles?

First of all, let’s eliminate other British Invasion bands that were coming up around the same time as The Beatles. That leaves out The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Yardbirds, The Zombies, and numerous others.