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What do Ubers do with lost items?

What do Ubers do with lost items?

To help compensate for this issue, Uber has instituted a policy in which all passengers must pay a flat $15 fee for the return of lost items. This fee goes entirely to the driver, helping to pay them for their time. Still, the fee might not be enough to make it worth it for some drivers to meet up with you.

Do Uber drivers get refunds?

Even when the company grants your refund request—for a ride canceled by a driver or any other issue—in most cases, you’ll get Uber credits instead of your money back.

How do I find my lost property on Uber?

To retrieve something left in an Uber, head to the help section of the app, select the trip you think you lost your belonging and then click on the lost item option.

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How do I report a returned item to Uber?

Head to the Help tab of your Driver app and select Trip Issues and Adjustments. Tap I found a lost item. Select I returned a lost item to my rider. Fill out the details and submit.

How do I return a lost item to Uber?

What happens if you lose an item from an Uber driver?

So if you’re dealing with a dishonest driver, you might not ever get your item back. This is likely rare, however, since most drivers won’t want to jeopardize their Uber standing, and that’s partly why they get the whole lost item fee, to make it worth it.

How do I contact Uber If I lost an item?

To do this, open the Uber app: 1. Tap the menu icon, then “Help” 2. Tap “Trips and Fare Review” and select the trip you took 3. Tap “I lost an item,” then “Contact my driver about a lost item” 4. Enter your phone number and tap “SUBMIT” If your driver picks up and confirms that your item has been found,…

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What should I do if my Uber driver doesn’t call back?

If you don’t connect with the driver on the first try, leave a detailed voice message with your name, lost item, and phone number and give them up to 24 hours to call you back. If you’re unable to speak with the Uber driver and a voicemail didn’t prompt a return call, your next step is to contact Uber directly.

How do I return an item to a delivery driver?

Enter your phone number and tap “SUBMIT”. If your driver picks up and confirms that your item has been found, be considerate of your driver’s schedule and find a time that is convenient for both of you. Once the item is returned, you’ll be sent a receipt for the $15 fee.