What do you do with an awakened kundalini?

What do you do with an awakened kundalini?

How to Handle a Kundalini Awakening

  1. Be gentle with yourself and take care of your nervous system. Likely, your nervous system is going into overdrive if you’re having a painful kundalini experience.
  2. Stop all spiritual practice temporarily.
  3. Seek out compassionate help.

How do you initiate Kundalini awakening?

How do you awaken kundalini?

  1. Shake your body and practice dancing.
  2. Practice tantra.
  3. Energy work.
  4. Exercise breath control and practice pranayama.
  5. Meditate regularly.
  6. Practice gratitude and live with an open heart.

How do you trigger a kundalini awakening?

What triggers Kundalini awakening?

  1. Meditation. Meditation in general is a wonderful practice and tool for preparing and awakening Kundalini.
  2. Yoga Asana.
  3. Breathwork.
  4. Prayer.
  5. Energy Healing.
  6. Physical Trauma.
  7. Emotional Trauma and Depression or Grief.
  8. Near-Death Experience.

What causes kundalini awakening?

What is a kundalini awakening? According to Tantra, kundalini energy rests like a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. When this dormant energy flows freely upward through the seven chakras (energy centers) and leads to an expanded state of consciousness, it’s known as a kundalini awakening.

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What order should you open your chakras?

How to Open Your Spiritual Chakras

  1. 1 Open all 7 chakras to find balance.
  2. 2 Open the Root Chakra (red).
  3. 3 Open the Sacral Chakra (Orange).
  4. 4 Open the Navel Chakra (yellow).
  5. 5 Open the Heart Chakra (green).
  6. 6 Open the Throat Chakra (light blue).
  7. 7 Open the Third Eye Chakra (Indigo).
  8. 8 Open the Crown Chakra (purple).

What is a Kundalini awakening and how to prepare for one?

A Kundalini awakening will take you to the edge of all you thought you knew and can be deeply destabilizing. Forcing an awakening can cause mental breakdown and psychosis. If you desire to have this kind of force and energy in your life, you can make ready for it by cleansing and preparing your body.

What happens when Kundalini energy uncoils?

When the Kundalini energy first uncoils itself and awakens it is very intense. Some people feel it as blissful while others struggle through it entirely. Although the entire awakening process is divine transcendence as people are experiencing a death of their ego and rewiring of cells. We all know that deep transformation is not always comfortable.

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What does Kundalini vibration feel like?

Whole body vibration: The kundalini energy feels different, not limited to the paths of the energy meridians anymore. It is like waves of light prickles moving up and down my body, just massaging it all over which feels great. The light prickles collect and form waves of energy all over the body.

What happens if you don’t surrender to Kundalini activation?

If one doesn’t surrender in this phase then you won’t progress much more with the kundalini activation. For people who have had similar symptoms and for some unknown reason the process has slowed down, it is most likely because one quit surrendering.