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What does a marine engineer do on a cargo ship?

What does a marine engineer do on a cargo ship?

A marine engineer (or ship engineer), works in researching, developing, and constructing new marine vessels and their component parts. This includes creating blueprints, designing engines and propulsion systems, testing prototypes, and supervising the construction of full size ships.

What does an engineer on a ship do?

A ship engineer is responsible for maintaining and repairing a ship’s equipment, including its engine, generators, boiler, and pumps as well as electrical, ventilation, heating, and refrigeration systems.

Is there WiFi on ships?

Even on cruise ships, there are specific zones that offer internet connections for their passengers, allowing them to access their email from any part of the world, literally. Some ships also have marked WiFi zones that offer wireless internet usage for all.

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What is the main concern of a marine engineer aboard ship?

Marine engineers are involved with the design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and repair of the main propulsion engines and auxiliary machinery and systems found in all kinds of ships, boats and offshore installations.

What does a marine engineer do on a ship?

From the design of the entire ship to how every component works, a marine engineer should know like the back of his hand. They not only understand them but are also responsible for designing the steering system, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and hydraulics of the ship.

Where do marine engineers and naval architects work?

Marine engineers and naval architects typically work in offices, where they have access to computer software and other tools necessary for analyzing projects and designing solutions. Sometimes, they must go to sea to test or maintain the ships that they have designed or built.

Should Marine Engineers avoid onshore duties?

All marine engineers do not get the comfort of a desk job. So, if you are thinking of completely avoiding onshore duties, you might want to look at some other career opportunities for it would not be long before you fail miserably and that too after wasting years of hard work in an extremely niche field.

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What subjects do you need to be a marine engineer?

Marine engineers and naval architects use the principles of calculus, trigonometry, and other advanced topics in math for analysis, design, and troubleshooting in their work. Problem-solving skills. Marine engineers must design several systems that work well together in ships.