What does enlightenment mean in meditation?

What does enlightenment mean in meditation?

Enlightenment is a state of awakened understanding. It can be described as the transcendence of suffering and desire in order to obtain spiritual liberation (moksha). According to the teachings of yoga, enlightenment is the goal of all meditation and yogic practices — physical, mental or spiritual.

How can I be enlightened like a Buddha?

After establishing a strong foundation of Sila (morality), Buddhists become enlightened by using meditation. While they practice Vipassana meditation, they relax their mind with clear understanding of the law of impermanence, which clears their minds of all attachments; craving, aversion, and delusion are destroyed.

What happens when two enlightened people meet each other?

wHEN TWO Enlightened person meet, usually they remain silent. There might be same sparkle and shining in eyes of both, faces of both may be smiling or calm and peaceful. They usually dont talk because What is there to say. All has been said and known..

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What does an enlightened person look like?

You certainly won’t find them bumbling or twitching nervously. They always look relaxed and at peace. That said, many enlightened people have attractive energy because they regularly practice meditation, which makes you attractive. Probably the universal trait of an enlightened person is that they are peaceful inside and out.

Are enlightened people compassionate?

As compassionate as enlightened people are to others, they are equally compassionate to themselves. They know that they themselves are a unique individual who is as worthy as love as anyone in the world. And they act towards themselves in ways that are loving, caring and nurturing.

Why do enlightened people practice loving kindness?

For the enlightened Buddhist, this is because they practice specific meditations designed to create compassion, such as Loving Kindness Meditation. Enlightened people are more motivated by compassion than anything else.