What does Iranian flag look like?

What does Iranian flag look like?

The Iranian flag is a horizontal tricolor of green, white, and red, and there are a red National Emblem of Iran in the middle of the white band and the Takbir written in white Kufic script. It is also repeated 11 times along the bottom of the green band and 11 times on the top of the red band.

What is the symbol on the Iranian flag?

The Emblem of Iran (Persian: نشان رسمی ایران‎, romanized: Nešâne Rasmiye Irân, pronounced [neˌʃɒːne ræsˌmije ʔiːˈɾɒːn]) since the 1979 Iranian Revolution features four crescents and a sword in the shape of a water lily, surmounted by a shadda, a symbol used in Perso-Arabic script to double a letter.

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What is written in Iran flag?

Although the green-white-red stripes were retained, along the bottom of the green stripe and top of the red stripe a stylized Arabic inscription—“Allāhu akbar” (“God is great”)—was repeated 22 times in honour of the fact that the revolution had taken place on 22 Bahrām in the Iranian calendar.

What does the lion on the Iranian flag mean?

The lion could be interpreted as a metaphor for the Shia Imam Ali or it could be symbolizing Rostam, the legendary hero of Iranian mythology. The Sun has alternately been interpreted as symbol of motherland or Jamshid, the mythical Shah of Iran.

When was the Iranian flag changed?

The design was approved on May 9, 1980, by the Iranian Revolutionary, Ruhollah Khomeini, and was officially adopted into the flag on July 29, 1980. The lion and the sun emblem that was previously used on the flag was abolished in 1979 after the abdication of Shah.

Did Iran change their flag?

The flag was modified twice during the Pahlavi era. In 1933, the colours of the flag were darkened and the design of the emblem was changed. The old state and national flags remained unchanged until 29 July 1980, when the modern Iranian flag was adopted.

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What do the colors of the Iranian flag mean?

Green represents Islam, white symbolizes peace, whereas red represents courage. In addition to the tricolors, the flag consists of a red emblem at the center and a white stylized script on the red and green stripes.

What does the Colour red mean in Iran?

The white color represents peace and purity. The red color, however, has many interpretations. On the one hand, it represents the blood of martyrs who staked their lives for the betterment and prosperity of their country. On the other hand, it also stands for resistance and dynamism.

When did Iran change its flag to the modern flag?

Following the Iranian Revolution, the Interim Government of Iran removed the crown from the naval ensign. The old state and national flags remained unchanged until 29 July 1980, when the modern Iranian flag was adopted.

What is the aspect ratio of the Iranian flag?

Physical requirements for the Iranian flag, a simple construction sheet, and a compass-and-straightedge construction for the emblem and the takbir are described in the national Iranian standard ISIRI 1. The flag’s aspect ratio is explicitly set at 4:7 in the standard.

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What is the meaning of the national emblem of Iran?

The tulip shape of the emblem as a whole memorialises those who have died for Iran and symbolises the values of patriotism and self-sacrifice, building on a legend that red tulips grow from the shed blood of martyrs. This emblem is somewhat similar to the Khanda but has no relation to Sikhism and its meaning to that religious community.

What does the color white mean in Iranian culture?

In the Iranian culture, it symbolises growth, happiness, unity, nature, vitality and the Iranian languages . The traditional colour of white symbolizes freedom, because white represents blankness and it is free to carry anything on it. It stands for martyrdom.