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What happens if you throw an octopus on the ice?

What happens if you throw an octopus on the ice?

Octopuses were thrown on the ice during the 4-2 win over the Minnesota Wild. The tradition of tossing an octopus at a Red Wings game dates to 1952, when Peter Cusimano tossed one onto the ice during a playoff game. The eight legs of an octopus represented the number of playoff victories needed to win the Stanley Cup.

How do you sneak an octopus into a hockey game?

The secret to throwing a large octopus onto an ice hockey rink is to boil it first for 20 minutes on high heat with a little lemon juice and white wine to mask the odor.

What does a fish on the ice mean in hockey?

It’s believed the tradition started for 2 possible reasons: that it’s an offering for the octopi fisherman for harvest season, or an 8-tentacle salute to the 8 wins once needed to win the Stanley Cup. Nashville Predators fans throw catfish on the ice.

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What hockey team throws fish on the ice?

Catfish are nasty but that hasn’t stopped Predator fans from slinging them onto the rink. During the 2002-03 season, fans started throwing them onto their home ice in response to the Red Wings fans’ octopus tradition.

Why do they throw catfish at Predators games?

A few seasons ago NHL officials warned the franchise that they would start handing out delay-of-game penalties it the tradition disrupted a game. Thus, the tradition switched to throwing the catfish prior to the start of games.

How much does an octopus cost?

Prices range from $20 to $1,000—with the bulk of pet octopuses priced between $30 and $100 as of January 2013. A 70-gallon tank—which is not an unusual choice for octopus enthusiasts wanting to provide their pet with plenty of room to roam—costs about $300.

Why do preds fans throw catfish on the ice?

What’s a Celly in hockey?

Celly: celebration following a goal.

When a goalie plays very well what do hockey fans sometimes throw on the ice?

A hat trick is when one player scores three goals in one game. Since hockey tends to be a low-scoring game, unlike basketball, three goals in one game is a big deal. Tradition dictates that when a player scores a hattie, as hat tricks are informally called, fans throw their hats onto the ice.

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Why are the rats on the Florida Panthers ice?

The rat trick was a celebration performed by fans of the Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League (NHL) during their 1995–96 season, in which plastic rats were thrown onto the ice to celebrate goals.

Why do Panthers throw rats on ice?

A South Florida hockey tradition had been born and the Year of the Rat was in full swing. During that season, fans threw rats onto the ice after every goal, leading the Panthers to partner with the exterminator company Orkin and have men in exterminator uniforms clean up the rink.

Why do hockey fans throw catfish on the ice?

Why do the Red Wings throw dead octopus on the ice?

The Legend of the Octopus is a sports tradition during Detroit Red Wings home playoff games involving dead octopuses thrown onto the ice rink. The origins of the activity go back to the 1952 playoffs, when a National Hockey League team played two best-of-seven series to capture the Stanley Cup.

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Why are the Detroit Red Wings called the octopus of hockey?

Well, that comes down to the Legend of the Octopus, which was initiated by Detroit Red Wings fans as far back as 1952. The reason for that is in the number of arms or tentacles an octopus has, eight, which matched the number of wins the Red Wings (or another team, for that matter) had to achieve in order to lift the Stanley Cup.

Who is the person who retrieves the thrown octopus from the ice?

Al Sobotka, the head ice manager at Little Caesars Arena and one of the two Zamboni drivers, is the person who retrieves the thrown octopuses from the ice.

Who throws the octopus on the ice at Little Caesars Arena?

Al Sobotka, the head ice manager at Little Caesars Arena and one of the two Zamboni drivers, is the person who retrieves the thrown octopuses from the ice. When the Red Wings played at Joe Louis Arena, he was known to twirl an octopus above his head as he walked across the ice rink to the Zamboni entrance.