What happens when an Intj likes you?

What happens when an Intj likes you?

INTJs will take the initiative to text you first or even sit really close so you’re at least touching. And when we’re in love, you can sit back and let us make the first moves. If there’s a special INTJ in your life and you’ve noticed they’re usually first to talk or touch you, they like you.

Do Intj like physical contact?

Seeing Physical Touch ranked highly by this personality type might come as a surprise to those who think INTJs aren’t a “touchy-feely” type. However, much like Acts of Service, Physical Touch is a way for INTJs to show and receive love without needing to use words.

Do INTJ like physical contact?

How can you tell if an INTJ is interested in You?

There is a huge difference from being interested in someone and loving someone. If an INTJ loves you, then he will literally burn cities in your defense. This goes for any one he considers part of his “clan” or “family”. If an INTJ loves you romantically, he likely will act more cuddly.

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Are intjs good in love?

The great thing about INTJs in love is that they don’t try to hide it. They’re very open about their feelings and if they’re certain about how they feel for you, it’ll be made very obvious to the point that they’ll probably just come out and tell you.

What does it mean when an INTJ Guy talks about marriage?

Any talk of marriage means that he is likely planning on marrying you. INTJs plan years in advance and are very much in our heads. So yes, if he makes mention of it, even in passing, he has at least been thinking about it. INTJs value other people’s autonomy, so he is likely to not impose on your schedule.

What does it mean when an INTJ man-Punch You?

Also, if we are comfortable around you, we may man-punch you as a sign of affection. If you are observant enough, this sign of interest from us can be spotted quite easily……, you may notice that…we are kind of a stalker too (with good intent). “…are you sure you want an INTJ to like you? because we are creepy” – Geomeun Goyangi (A.K.A – me).