What if Sakura was not in Team 7?

What if Sakura was not in Team 7?

Nothing much actually. Whoever is their third member will largely take on the role Sakura played. The person will do all Sakura did except be crazy in love with Sasuke. The only major change might be how long it will take to know Sasuke has defected from the village.

Who is the replacement of Sasuke in Team 7?

In Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel, Shikamaru is added to Team 7 to replace Sasuke in an initial mission to find a lost ferret.

Did Sakura ever like Lee?

In the Infinite Tsukiyomi, it is revealed that in Lee’s perfect dream world, Sakura is madly in love with him.

Is Sasuke younger than Sakura?

Sasuke was born on July 23rd. Sakura was born on March 28th. So, Sakura is older than Sasuke by 3 months and 25 days.

What would happen if Sakura didn’t exist?

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Keep in mind, if it weren’t for Sakura, many favorite characters such as Naruto, Kakashi, Kankuro, Hinata, Karin, and Gaara would be dead. Whether you like her or not, her role as a medical ninja was crucial to helping countless characters.

Why did Sakura confess to Naruto that she loved Sasuke?

Naruto once made a promise to Sakura that he would bring Sasuke back to the village, and Sakura had held him to that promise until the situation became more complex and serious. In an attempt to stop Naruto from pursuing Sasuke, Sakura confessed her “feelings” for him.

Why is Sakura seen as the weak link of the team?

For example, Sakura was often seen as the weak link of her team, her severe pettiness interfered with her relationships with her ninja peers, and she allowed her love for Sasuke to dictate her life.

Are Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha the weakest pair in Naruto?

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Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha are one of the main couples in the Naruto universe. While many viewers/readers are huge fans of the pairing and have been shipping them since the early days, others find it to be the weakest pair and had issues with them ending up together.