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What is a good hourly wage for a college graduate?

What is a good hourly wage for a college graduate?

College Grads Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $55,000 $26
75th Percentile $47,000 $23
Average $43,367 $21
25th Percentile $36,000 $17

What is considered a high salary out of college?

The majors with the highest earnings for college alumni early in their career (0—5 years of work experience) are: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: $108,500. Petroleum Engineering: $93,200. Operations Research & Industrial Engineering: $84,800.

How much should you make with a bachelor’s degree?

The BLS says the median salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree is $1,305, well over $350 more than the median for associate’s and $524 more than someone with only a high school diploma. Annually, a holder of a bachelor’s degree stands to earn $67,860 a year.

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Is a four-year degree really necessary?

After all, that’s the advice a lot of students get as they prepare to leave high school. Many of us are told that a four-year degree — or even an advanced degree — is the key to a reliable income and a good life. But not everyone has a good experience with higher education, and not everyone thrives in a traditional four-year college setting.

Does a college degree still pay off?

But new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York concludes: yes, a college degree still pays off. The average college graduate earns $78,000 a year compared to the $45,000 earned by someone with only a high school education, according to the analysis. That’s a 75\% premium, or more than $30,000 a year.

How much do college students earn if they don’t work?

For students who earned more than $25,000 during their first year, the annual earnings bump was more than $18,000, compared with a classmate who didn’t work. These are average benefits. Not every student reaped them and some earned much more. The researchers calculated similar income spikes for working students in bachelor’s degree programs.

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Do students with no degree earn more after they graduate?

Even working students who didn’t finish their degrees still earned extra income after they left school. Indeed, the earnings premium from working during college was very similar to the earnings premium from finishing a degree, the researchers calculated.