What is computer science other than programming?

What is computer science other than programming?

Testing(Game & software) Implementation and Running. System planning. Strategic development. Web design without codeing.

What are the main fields in computer science?

So, to summarize, the discipline of computer science has evolved into the following 15 distinct fields:

  • Algorithms and complexity.
  • Architecture and organization.
  • Computational science.
  • Graphics and visual computing.
  • Human-computer interaction.
  • Information management.
  • Intelligent systems.
  • Networking and communication.

What field should I Choose in Computer Science?

Career Options With Your Degree Associate Degree: Computer Support Specialist, Computer Technician, Web Master Bachelor’s Degree: Computer Support Specialist, Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Web Developer, Computer Systems Analyst Master’s Degree: Advanced positions in any of the above occupations Doctoral Degree: Professor

What are the four areas of Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of computer programming and system logic. There are four different types of computer science programs: undergraduate, graduate, technical and online. All of these computer science programs prepare you to work in the information technology sector.

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What are the different degrees of Computer Science?

Computer Science focuses on technical and theoretical programs. A degree in computer science provides students with knowledge of computer operating systems, coding, computer networking, computer architecture, and database design. Computer science has roots in math, physics, and electrical engineering.

What are the disciplines of Computer Science?

– Computer Science. The two disciplines overlapping the most are Computer Science and Software Engineering. – Software Engineering. Software Engineering is focused more on the development and maintaining of software products, such as Windows or Android. – Information Technology. – Computer Engineering. – Closing.