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What is so special about Antilia?

What is so special about Antilia?

It is the residence of the Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and his family, who moved into it in 2012; at 27 stories, 173 metres (568 ft) tall, over 37,000 square metres (400,000 sq ft), and with amenities such as three helipads, air traffic control, a 168-car garage, a ballroom, 9 high speed elevators, a 50-seat …

Why is Ambani house so expensive?

The Antilia is a 27-storey building (designed to survive an 8-Richter scale earthquake, btw) with ceilings so high that a building this tall with regular ceilings would’ve had anything between 40 and 60 floors. This five-person family sure has some high demands.

What is the salary of workers in Antilia?

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2 lakh rupees per month
The workers get a salary of 2 lakh rupees per month. According to, the salary of the staff working in Antilia has now been increased to Rs 2 lakh.

How much would it cost to buy Antilia?

Mukesh Ambani’s House Price Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia is built on an area of 400,000 square feet. The Ambani family residence is estimated to cost around one to two billion USD that is between 6,000 crores to 12,000 crore rupees.

What is the electricity bill of Antilia?

7000000 and then everybody started wondering how come Antilia has a family of 4 (since daughter is married and not staying in Antilia) which has 600+ staff members like gardeners, kitchen staff, maintenance staff has a power bill of Rs. 7000000.

How many servants Ambani have?

600 servants
Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia lives in this expensive house. About 600 servants work in the 28 storey house.

Who lives in Lodha altamount?

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Deven Mehta, a city-based businessman, has bought two floors of a luxury residential tower at Altamount Road in Mumbai for ₹125 crore, which works out to ₹1.47 lakh per sq ft.

Why is Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia so famous?

The affluence and the prosperity of the business tycoon speak for him. Arguably, the most popular businessperson of India, Mukesh Ambani is synonymous with extravagant lifestyle. From 10,000 crore Antilia house to the 3 lakh worth tea cup, Mukesh Ambani always displays his opulence. The 27 story skyscraper Antilia accommodates 600 workers.

What is it like to live at Ambani’s Antilia house?

Those who have visited the Ambani residence have also reported a huge library, lavish dining areas and marble floors. Antilia also has a Hindu prayer room or Pooja room like most Hindu households. The seating arrangement in the house resembles the lobby of a 5 star hotel.

How much does Mukesh Ambani’s house cost?

Mukesh Ambani, the world’s most renowned business tycoon and one of India’s most wealthy men recently moved into the most expensive with his wife and three children. This expensive mansion named ‘Antilla’ is mimed to be valued at as much as $1 billion & one of world’s most expensive piece of architecture.

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Why are the Ambani family’s living quarters on the top floors?

The family’s living quarters are on the top floors because Ambani’s wanted the sunlight. It lies in the space that holds the W-Shaped beams that support the upper floors.