What is the fear of walking alone?

What is the fear of walking alone?

Autophobia is considered a situational phobia. This means that the situation of being alone or loneliness causes extreme distress.

How common is Nyctophobia?

Nyctophobia: Fear of the Dark Specific phobias are the third most common of all mental disorders; 10 to 12\% of individuals will experience at least one phobia throughout their lives (Adler & Cook-Nobles, 2011).

Does anxiety affect walking?

In contrast, anxiety symptoms were associated with greater hazard of self-reported mobility limitation, including difficulty walking and stair climbing. This finding was stronger for persistent and severe anxiety and was independent of depressive symptoms and other potential confounders.

Are Adults Afraid of the Dark?

According to clinical psychologist John Mayer, Ph. D., author of Family Fit: Find Your Balance in Life, fear of the dark is “very common” among adults. “It is estimated that 11 percent of the U.S. population is afraid of the dark,” he says, noting that it’s even more common than a fear of heights.

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Are You Afraid to walk alone at night in your area?

Between 1973 and 2012, the General Social Survey has asked this question of people surveyed in their home: “Is there any area right around here – that is, within a mile – where you would be afraid to walk alone at night?” These are the responses over time, separately for the share of men and women who have answered “yes”:

Why do some people feel insecure when walking alone?

Reasons for their relative sense of insecurity when walking alone may be that these groups are more likely to live in urban areas, or to live in lower-income housing where crime may be more prevalent than in more secluded high-income housing.

Why is it dangerous to walk alone in the dark?

Also, walking alone in the dark might lead you to a place without a sidewalk and distracted drivers might not see you in time to stop their vehicles leading to your injury or death.

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Are women more afraid to walk after dark than men?

Women are more than twice as likely as men to say they’re afraid to walk after dark near their homes. Skip to main content Search Input Search Sections Menu Sections Menu The Washington Post