What is the highest form of infinity?

What is the highest form of infinity?

Largest infinity is absolute infinity(which would be classified under this symbol Ω or this symbol ω). Smallest infinity is aleph-0(which is classified under this symbol ℵ).

What is any number raised to power infinity?

A number raised to the power of infinity is to multiply a number by itself an infinite number of time. You will get infinity if your number is positive and large. You will get 1 if your number is 1. You will get zero if your number is between -1 and 1.

What is E ki power infinity?

Answer: e to the power of infinity is infinity (∞).

Is Alpha bigger than infinity?

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and aleph-null is the first smallest infinity. It’s how many natural numbers there are. It’s also how many even numbers there are, how many odd numbers there are; it’s also how many rational numbers—that is, fractions—there are. Aleph-null is bigger.

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What is infinity at the power of Infinity?

Infinity is not a number. It is a number of order, it holds the order of a number bigger than all. When you have such a thing as infinity at the power of infinity is more a problem of x tending to infinity …. the limit of x^x when x tends to infinity is infinity.

Is it possible to raise an infinite set to the power?

Infinite sets are not numbers, nor are they “infinity”, so even though there is a meaning to idea of raising one infinite set to the power of another ( N A is the set of all functions from the letters a,b,c to the natural numbers), it’s not the same as ∞ ∞.

How many infinities are there in the universe?

Two infinities (buses and students) is infinity to the second power. Three infinities (aircraft carriers, buses, and students) is infinity to the third power. And so forth up to galactic superclusters, infinity to the eighth power.

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How big is infinity?

Infinity is not a defined quantity, it’s a concept. it is something which is very vast and one can’t even visualise how vast it is. you may think like a number with say 1000 digits is infinity but it’s not.