What is the most underrated language?

What is the most underrated language?

Top 7 most underrated languages to learn — Part II

  • Turkish. The Turkish language is as unique as Turkey itself.
  • Pakistani-Indian Border Languages.
  • Bahasa-Indonesia.
  • Esperanto.

What is the most respected language?

Which Languages Have the Most Speakers?

Rank Language Total Speakers
1 English 1,132 million
2 Mandarin Chinese 1,117 million
3 Hindi 615 million
4 Spanish 534 million

What’s the funniest language?

Chalcatongo Mixtec is spoken mainly in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is considered the weirdest language because it is the most unique when compared to the other languages spoken throughout the world.

Do you think programming languages are overrated?

The people who overrate programming languages are people who underrate themselves. They think they can probably only be any good in a single language. If they chose a decently complex, complete and powerful language, that might work out well for them and we might never even notice that they’re overrating their chosen language.

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Which programming language do you think is the most rated?

The most rated languages are C++. ,Java , Python . If you know the three languages , you won’t feel like overrated because each language has got its on capablities. C++ is hood for beginners and its a good starter to develop concept. Java is really powerful and its OOPs concept make it more powerful.

Which is the most annoying language in the world?

Hindi is the most annoying language in the world , it doesn’t make sense in its own right But I think in oral forms its beautiful ! But in writing form its like the most difficult , annoying and it doesn’t make any sense in its own right .

Which is the most melodic language in the world?

Italian is the most melodic language in the world. It is rich in sound and keeps evolving with the times.. It inebriated the senses, if one appreciates poetry.