What is the probability that one will be chosen among four choices?

What is the probability that one will be chosen among four choices?

correct? The immediate thought is – there are four options, so if I pick one at random then each has a one in four chance of being chosen. That means the answer is 1/4, or 25\%.

How do you guess multiple choice questions?

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How do you guess exam answers?

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How do you answer exam questions?

Answering Exam Questions

  1. Read through the entire exam to plan an overall strategy.
  2. Look at each exam question to identify key words.
  3. Think about what kind of writing the key word or words call for.
  4. Make notes to yourself of the points you want to cover in the response.
  5. Begin your response by echoing the question.
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How many possible answers does a 10 question multiple choice exam have?

A 10 question multiple choice exam is given and each question has 5 possible answers. A student takes this exam and guesses at every question. What is the probability they get at least 9 questions correct? | Socratic

What is the probability of getting a wrong answer?

And the probability of getting a correct answer is 1 8 (which he gets 8 times) and that of an incorrect answer is 3 8 (which he gets 2 times). The probability of correct answer of one question is 1/4, so the probability of wrong answer is 3/4. Look at this formula (we use expansion of (a+b)^n ).

What is the probability of a student choosing the correct answer?

Student is equally likely to pick any outcome in any given question. Hence, probability of choosing correct answer is 1/4 = 0.25. Probability of choosing incorrect answer is 1–1/4 = 3/4 = 0.75. The number of trials is 10.

How many different ways can you choose the incorrectly answered questions?

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However, for any pair, say questions m and n, they could have been chosen in the order mn or nm, which are obviously the same pair, so we need to use an actual total of 90/2 = 45 different ways to choose the incorrectly answered questions.