What kind of eyes do elves have?

What kind of eyes do elves have?

[edit] Eye colour When Tolkien describes Elven eyes, they tend to be grey. This is certainly true of Lúthien and her descendants, including Elrond and his children (Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir) as well as Aragorn and the Dúnedain. Voronwë, who guided the man Tuor to Gondolin, also had grey eyes.

Do elves have green eyes?

Tolkien’s Elves have grey, blue-grey, or blue eyes. They seem to vary in shade somewhat, but there is no mention of brown, hazel, or green eyes.

Did elves have brown eyes?

In the Elvin world, brown eyes are unheard of, as all elves have blue eyes.

Are elves Tall or short?

Elves in games. Post-Tolkien fantasy elves (popularized by the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game) tend to be beautiful, fair, and close in size to humans (usually taller, sometimes shorter).

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How do elves look?

Like fairies, elves were said to be diminutive shape-shifters. English male elves were described as looking like little old men, though elf maidens were invariably young and beautiful. Like men of the time, elves lived in kingdoms found in forests, meadows, or hollowed-out tree trunks.

What color are blood elf eyes?

It is my understanding that blood elves are all typically born with light grey (see WC3), blue (Sylvanas, Vareesa), or green (Alleria Windrunner) eyes. With brown being an uncommon color. Their physical eyes (i.e. irises) do not change color, but rather their eyes simply glow with the magic they have absorbed.

Why do blood elves have green eyes?

The eye color of elves changes depending on the type of magic they absorb to sate their addiction to magic. After they started using fel magic to sate their addiction, their eyes turned green, the color associated with the use of the fel.

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Why are high elves yellow?

The yellow must come from a gene or two genes. If that gene is not present then the yellow wont be there. As with most species, there is bound to be an individual without the yellow eyes. For instance, there could be an albino high elf.

Do elves have different colors?

Based on the descriptions Tolkien actually gave us in the books, there are four possible hair colors for elves: dark brown, blonde/golden, red/russet, and silver. And we do see a few exceptions – though there’s no mentioned Vanyarin ancestry, we do meet a couple Sindarin elves with blonde hair (most notably Thranduil.)

Do high Elves have different eye colors?

And again the high elves never had uniform eye colors, the only difference that eye color is a thing now is for gameplay reasons and the amount of corrupting magic you are exposed to. Light and Void supersede fel and fel trumps natural eye color, like brown. Last edited by Combatbulter; 2018-05-14 at 01:35 AM .

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What are the characteristics of an elf?

Usually, true elves were a naturally slender and athletic race. Elves had a similar range of complexions to humans, with wood elves typically coppery or pale skinned and wild elves having darker pigmentation.

The playable blood elves got green eyes due to the fel magic used by the magisters to rebuild Silvermoon. Most high elves that are still in-game were just as addicted to the sunwell as others, they just used other things to sate them. Vareesa, and probably more high elves in Dalaran, used magical artifacts.

What colour were Maeglin’s and other Elves’ eyes?

Though he was half-Noldorin, Maeglin is said to have dark eyes (possibly from his father Eöl, who was not of the Noldor), while Olwë (the brother of Lúthien’s father Thingol, and a Telerin king) had blue eyes. The eye colour of most other Elves is not mentioned, and so would be difficult to generalize.