What skills does a business architect need?

What skills does a business architect need?

Skills and Qualifications

  • A broad, enterprise-wide view of the business and varying degrees of appreciation for strategy, processes and capabilities, enabling technologies, and governance.
  • The ability to recognize structural issues within the organization, functional interdependencies and cross-silo redundancies.

Is business architect an IT role?

It’s the role that’s ushering in organisations’ transition from IT to business technology. Typically business architects report to the programme director and work alongside the firm’s most senior business process executives and stakeholders. They may report to the IT department, or to the business.

Are business architects in demand?

Business architecture is a critical enabler of both, which is why the demand for the business architect role is increasing. Fortunately, the discipline has been increasingly practiced globally, so the role and its value have continued to sharpen over time.

Why do I need a business architect?

A Business Architect interprets and contextualizes strategy for operational needs, develops specific artifacts such as business capability maps and value streams to help bridge the gap between strategy and execution, and helps streamline and rationalize the IT enablement process.

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What are the best books for starting an architecture business?

Architect + Entrepreneur: A Field Guide to Building, Branding, and Marketing Your Startup Design Business by Eric Reinholdt – I have many books on how to run an architecture business but chose this one in particular because it is up to date on contemporary marketing strategies.

What is the best book on enterprise architecture as strategy?

“Enterprise Architecture As Strategy” ( Amazon) by Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, David Robertson is perhaps the most quoted book on EA. Who is this book for? Practicing Enterprise Architects and EA consultants will find the topics and case studies refreshing.

Is this the best book on Un-learning to become an architect?

When it comes to “un-learning”, which I think is essential to becoming an architect, this book should be at the top of the pile. Corbu was living through the changes of the Machine Age and was drawn to the naked truth of machine design. He wanted to create architecture that was as truthful to its use as a machine is to its use.

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What is business architecture and why is it important?

Business Architecture is the architecture of business itself; it is Engineering of Business and it goes deeper into Informatics and composite modeling of business. Customers and practitioners deserve to learn much more than a simple explanation.