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What things were popular in the 60s?

What things were popular in the 60s?

Here are our favorite ten trends that marked this decade.

  • Afros. Everyone, young and old, had an afro or at least aspired to grow one.
  • Barbie Dolls. The sixties witnessed the birth of the Barbie sensation.
  • Bell-bottoms.
  • Beatlemania.
  • Go-go boots.
  • Lava lamps.
  • Miniskirts.
  • Smiley faces.

What happened in the late 60s early 70s?

Recognizable movements during the period included the anti-Vietnam War campaign, the civil rights movement, women’s liberation, the student movement, and last, but not least, the counterculture. These waves of protest sparked landmark changes throughout the nation.

What major events happened in the 1970s?

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The 1970s are remembered as an era when the women’s rights, gay rights and environmental movements competed with the Watergate scandal, the energy crisis and the ongoing Vietnam War for the world’s attention.

What was happening in the 1980s?

From left, clockwise: The first Space Shuttle, Columbia, lifts off in 1981; US president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev ease tensions between the two superpowers, leading to the end of the Cold War; The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 is considered to be one of the most momentous events of the 1980s; …

What were 5 commonly used items in the 1960s?

Popular portable household items:

  • Televisions.
  • Radios.
  • Calculators.
  • Tape cassettes.
  • Cameras.
  • Typewriters.
  • Phonographs (record players)
  • Video cameras.

What products came out 1960?

Here are nine things from the 1960s that are still (mostly) the same today.

  • Liquid Paper.
  • Bubble Wrap.
  • 9-1-1.
  • Aspartame.
  • ZIP codes.
  • Kevlar.
  • Sharpie.
  • Lava lamp.

What major events happened in the 1980’s?

Ronald Reagan Elected President. CNN Begins Broadcasting.

  • Sandra Day O’Connor First Woman U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Iranian Hostages Released.
  • Falklands War.
  • Sally Ride First U.S. Woman Astronaut.
  • Macintosh Computer.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev Institutes Glasnost and Perestroika in USSR.
  • Challenger Explodes.
  • Iran-Contra Hearings.
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    What happened in the 1980’s?

    What major event happened in 1984?

    The year of Band Aid, the UK Miners strike and numerous scientific discoveries, 1984 events will forever be remembered. The winter and summer Olympics saw record numbers of nations gather together to compete, despite political tensions around the globe.

    What are the prices of 6 commonly used items in the 1960’s?

    1960’s Men’s pocket watch $9.44.

  • Automatic can opener $8.88.
  • Oranges 89 cents for 2 dozen.
  • Ford Mustang 2 door hardtop $2,368.
  • Oven ready turkeys 39 cents per pound.
  • Automatic Electric Blanket $9.94.
  • What foods do you miss from the 70s and 80s?

    23 Foods We Miss From the ’70s and ’80s. 1 Radical Eats. Snack foods, insta-meals, cereals, and drinks tend to come and go, yet the ones we remember from childhood seem to stick with us — like 2 Hubba Bubba Gum. 3 Swanson TV dinners. 4 Keebler Fudge Magic Middles. 5 Ecto Cooler Hi-C.

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    What was life like in the 1970s?

    The 1970s was a time filled with interesting, questionable, and exciting things. From fashion to television, to children toys, and to kitchen equipment, the 70s had a bit of everything for something. A time where experimentation with most things was encouraged.

    What rocked Your World in the 60s and 70s?

    The following 34 things rocked your world if you grew up in the 60s and 70s and you’ll remember them forever. 1) If you were a teenage girl, you most likely had a pair of these. 2) Things from the 70s: Atari let you enjoy video games at home for the first time ever and it rocked.

    What are some cool things from the 70s you wish you had?

    1) If you were a teenage girl, you most likely had a pair of these. 2) Things from the 70s: Atari let you enjoy video games at home for the first time ever and it rocked.