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Where can I learn Swiss German?

Where can I learn Swiss German?

There are several apps dedicated to the Swiss German language and its dialects that allow you to learn the language as easily and quickly as possible. Some of the best apps are Grüezi Switzerland, utalk Swiss German, Schweizerdeutsch Lernen and Dialäkt Äpp.

Is Swiss German a hard language to learn?

Is Swiss German Hard To Learn? Unless you live in a canton of Switzerland, learning one of its regional dialects would be challenging. Still, you can learn to understand and speak Swiss German. With practice, you can even delight and surprise native Swiss speakers with your knowledge of their “language.”

Is Swiss German easier than German?

Swiss German is not easy to learn, but you will pick it up much faster with a solid understanding of Hochdeutsch. The languages are, of course, very similar.

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Is Swiss German very different?

Swiss Standard German is different from Swiss German. Swiss Standard German is a variety of Standard German (the one spoken across Germany), and is taught to Swiss children from the age of 6. As most people speak in the dialect of their region, you won’t hear much Swiss Standard German.

How can I become fluent in Swiss German?

  1. 6 tips for learning Swiss German. I stepped off the plane in Zürich 19 years ago with just one word of German – “nein”.
  2. Get a decent grasp of “High German”.
  3. Listen to Swiss-German Music.
  4. Watch Swiss TV.
  5. Put yourself out there and practice.
  6. Take a Swiss-german class.
  7. Start small and give it a go.

What app teaches Swiss German?

Schweizerdeutsch Lernen is probably the best dialect app for German speakers. It is a dictionary for your smartphone that translates Standard German words into the Zurich dialect of Swiss German, offering a mobile pronunciation guide as well!

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How long will it take to learn Swiss German?

One-to-one Course

Course Duration 1-52 weeks
Class Size 1 student
Classes/week 5, 10, or 20 lessons per week
Classes Days Flexible time and location
Student Age 16+years

Is Swiss-German High German?

Switzerland also has Swiss Standard German—referred to as High German or Hochdeutsch by the Swiss—which is a variant of Standard German. Swiss Standard German is a written language, used in official documents and by German-speaking Swiss authors, and is almost identical to written Standard German.

How long does it take to learn Swiss-German?

Is it possible to learn Swiss German for free?

Although Swiss German language classes are not as commonly available in language schools compared to those of standard German, there are still a wealth of resources for people who wish to teach themselves. Whether you are hoping to learn the language for an upcoming trip or for academic purposes, lthere are ways to learn Swiss German for free.

What are the best free textbooks for learning German?

(Also features interactive exercises.) Another excellent resource that shouldn’t be missing in any post about free German textbooks is the FSI German Basic Course. This course was originally developed in the 1960s by the US government’s Foreign Service Institute and is now in the public domain. It was designed by with absolute beginners in mind.

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How to learn the Swiss German survival language?

Visit your local library and find phrase books for travelers in Swiss German to learn basic survival language phrases. Listen to the audio CD (if there is one) to practice pronunciation, and test yourself on the vocabulary words frequently. Ensure that you have mastered the basic material before moving onto the next chapter or level.

What are some good resources for learning the German language?

Additionally, you can also find short German stories under “Lesetexte” and there are even Quizlet flashcards. This fun 2008 textbook by Fiona Chandler, Katie Daynes and Nicole Irving provides a helpful introduction to the German language.