Where do I put CSS file in CodeIgniter?

Where do I put CSS file in CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter : Loading CSS and Javascript File

  1. Download CodeIgniter from there website and extract them in your local server.
  2. Now create css and js folder in your project root directory.
  3. Copy your . css file in CSS folder and copy .
  4. For base_url() function you must load URL helper in your controller’s constructor.

Where do I put CSS folder?

Generally, it’s a good idea to store your css files in a css folder within the root directory (the highest folder of your page structure), as that keeps it easy to remember where you put them all later :p.

Where is assets folder in codeigniter?

Codeigniter 2.20 – How to manage assets (js, jpg etc) (using View)

  • Go to your Codeigniter folder and add a folder called assets such that it should look like this yourwebsite/assets/ For reference, look at the following.
  • Inside /assets/ create three folders which should look like this.
  • In the css folder, create style.css.
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Where is the asset folder in codeigniter 4?

The assets folder is located in the very root of htdocs(I’m using xampp apache server).

How do I path a CSS file in HTML?

If the CSS file is in the same folder as your HTML file then no path is required, you only need to specify the filename like in the example above. If it’s saved in a folder, then you can specify the folder path relative to the HTML file like this: >

Where is the asset folder in CodeIgniter 4?

What is the Public folder in CodeIgniter?

The public folder holds the browser-accessible portion of your web application, preventing direct access to your source code. It contains the main . htaccess file, index. php, and any application assets that you add, like CSS, javascript, or images.

Where do I write CSS code?

Sometimes the CSS code is written directly into the HTML. This is called an internal style sheet. The code is written between the and tags using the

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