Where is the gun hidden in The Godfather?

Where is the gun hidden in The Godfather?

The gun is astutely hidden behind the tank of the old-fashioned toilet in the Italian restaurant in the Bronx, NY when Michael meets with Virgil Sollozzo (Al Lettieri) and Capt. McClusky (Sterling Hayden).

Why does Michael Drop the gun in The Godfather?

Michael is told to drop the gun just in case the police happen to get their hands on him after he commits the murders. He is told that the family can fix everything else about the crime so it can’t be traced to him but if he’s caught with the murder weapon, there won’t anything anyone can do.

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Who plants the gun Michael Corleone?

Aldo Trapani plants the gun in the lavatory before the meeting between Michael and Sollozzo. A short while after the shooting, Aldo Trapani takes control of the restaurant after Louis Bocchicchio gives it up without resistance.

Who planted the gun for Michael Corleone?

Michael Corleone held conference with Virgil Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey in early 1946. Michael asked to be excused in order to go to the lavatory, where he picked up a small untraceable gun, placed there earlier by one of Peter Clemenza’s men.

Can a towel silence a gun?

The answer is no, wrapping a gun in a towel would not do much to reduce the noise from a shot.

Who gets killed cannoli?

He takes one from the box and offers Connie the first bite. She takes a small taste, seemingly calming his suspicions. Altobello eats the rest of the poisoned cannoli throughout the performance and dies in his seat as Connie watches through her opera glasses.

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What happened to Michael in the Godfather series?

Michael, still eager for legitimacy, dives back into violence, ordering the deaths of Roth, Pentangeli, and finally, Fredo. No matter how hard he tries to escape his family’s criminal past, it keeps coming back to haunt him.

What is the most famous scene in the Godfather Part II?

The most famous scene in The Godfather Part II is, almost without question, the moment when Michael’s brother Fredo heads out on the lake with Corleone captain Al Neri to go fishing.

What happens to Clemenza in the Godfather 2?

Michael agrees, but after discovering that Tessio has betrayed the family, he sends him off to sleep with the fishes. That leaves Clemenza, who stays behind in the city and establishes his own faction, still loyal to the Corleones.

What happened to variablevincent in ‘the godfather’?

Vincent has taken up a life on the criminal side of the family, working with and eventually feuding with Corleone leader Joey Zasa, even though Michael has encouraged him to go legitimate.