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Which Graha is responsible for long life?

Which Graha is responsible for long life?

Saturn situated in the 6th house prolongs life. Death can occur in the dasha of a weak benefic planet occupying the 8th house or the lord of the lagna can give yoga and kill the native.

How do you make Saturn strong?

Remedies for Saturn in Vedic Astrology

  1. Honour Lord Shiva and Saturn. Saturn’s primary deity is Lord Shiva, and all remedies for Saturn are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Saturn was a devotee of Lord Shiva and he knows how to control the effects of Saturn.
  2. Recite sacred mantras. A mantra should be chanted with devotion.

What are yyogas in astrology?

Yogas are nothing but these special planetary combinations in the birth chart or horoscope which signify certain definite indications. These are combinations which might add strength to a person’s life or remove the vitality from it.

How many yogas are there in Vedic astrology?

There are most significant yogas (planetary mixes) in Vedic astrology saying. Some are amazing to frame us exceptionally wealthy and radiant. Some are profoundly risky, which will make our life damnation. It means that there are 18 most significant yogas in any horoscope or Kundli which make ascendant from zero to hero.

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Are yogas in astrology positive or negative?

Some of these Yogas in Astrology are extremely positive for an individual and some are just the opposite. All planets provide specific types of results to an individual as per their placement in the individual’s horoscope.

How important is yoga in a horoscope?

If there is a great Yoga forming in a horoscope which has the ability to make the native very rich but the planets involved are weak then the Yoga may not come in to fruition and the person might have a very ordinary life. It is important to make it certain whether the planets involved in the Yoga are either Benefic or Malefic.