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Which of the following is the noun and adjective of the word sadden?

Which of the following is the noun and adjective of the word sadden?


Noun Verb Adjective
decision decide decisive
creation create creative
sadness sadden sad
action act active

What is the noun of sadden?

sadness. (uncountable) The state or emotion of being sad.

What is the adverb of sadden?

sadly. In a sad manner; sorrowfully.

What is the adjective form of these?

The demonstrative adjectives this/that/these/those, which may also be pronouns, tell us where an object is located and how many objects there are. This and that are used to point to one object.

Is saddened an adjective or adverb?

SADDENED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use sadden in a sentence?

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come to feel sad.

  1. The bad news saddened me.
  2. The cruelty in the world saddens me incredibly.
  3. Those who knew him are saddened by his death.
  4. My little cat’s death saddened me.
  5. It saddened me that I would never see them again.
  6. Not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses.

What is the adverb of Empower?

Word family (noun) power superpower powerlessness empowerment (adjective) powerful ≠ powerless overpowering power powered (verb) power empower overpower (adverb) powerfully ≠ powerlessly overpoweringly.

How do you use the word sadden?

Examples of sadden in a Sentence It saddens me that we could not agree. We were saddened to see how ill she looks. She was saddened over the death of her friend. Her face saddened when she heard the news.

What part of speech is sadden?

SADDEN (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you write the adjective form?

Suffixes like ‘-y’ , ‘-able’ , ‘-ous’ , ‘-al’ , ‘-ful’ , ‘-ic’ , ‘-less’ , ‘-ing’ and ‘-ive’ can be added to verbs to form adjectives. Some examples of adjectives formed from verbs used in sentences: Switzerland is a very scenic place….Formation of Adjectives.

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Suffix Noun (example) Adjective
-ic Tragedy Artist Tragic Artistic

What is a sadden?

To sadden is to make someone feel sad, or to become sad. The death of a beloved dog is likely to sadden the whole family. You can say that it saddens your friends when they see vulnerable people bullied or discriminated against.