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Which one is correct an Honourable or a Honourable?

Which one is correct an Honourable or a Honourable?

What’s the correct way: An honourable or A honourable? An honourable. If the “h“ is silent, use “an”: an hour.

Is honorable correct word?

honorable Add to list Share. The word honorable has to do with people and actions that are honest, fair, and worthy of respect. An honorable person is someone who believes in truth and doing the right thing — and tries to live up to those high principles. When you lose a game, it’s honorable to shake hands.

How do you write honorable in short form?

Hon. is an abbreviation for honourable and , honorary when they are used as part of a person’s title.

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How do you use the word Honourable?

Honourable sentence example

  1. His literary and scientific reputation speedily brought him honourable recognition.
  2. In character Turgot was simple, honourable and upright, with a passion for justice and truth.
  3. He died, after a successful and honourable career, on the 23rd of September 1728.

What do you mean by honourable?

Definition of honorable 1 : deserving of respect or high regard : deserving of honor an honorable profession. 2a : of great renown : illustrious the college’s long and honorable history.

Why is someone called Honourable?

The Honourable, a style or title of honour common to the United Kingdom, the countries of the Commonwealth, and the United States. It is taken from the French honorable and ultimately derived from the Latin honorabilis (“worthy of honour”).

How do you address the Honourable?

The style The Honourable is usually used in addressing envelopes (where it is usually abbreviated to The Hon.) and formally elsewhere, in which case Mr or Esquire are omitted. In speech, however, The Honourable John Smith is usually referred to simply as Mr John Smith.

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Who can be called right Honourable?

“Honourable” becomes “right honourable” for those members entitled to this style, in particular Privy Counsellors. Members with government or opposition jobs may be referred to as such, for example “my right hon. Friend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer”, “the right hon.

How do you address an honorable in a letter?

Cabinet Ministers In letters: “Dear Minister”. Provincial cabinet ministers retain the title “Honourable” only while in office. The title “Honourable”, as an adjective, is only used with the person’s full name (i.e. first name and surname) or initials (or other titles). For example: the Honourable (full name).

Which article is used with the word Honourable?

The word honourable begins with a vowel sound (o) because H is silent, similar to the pronunciation of ‘hour. ‘ Hence, Option C is the correct answer.

When to use the Honorable?

The term “Honorable” is used when addressing all Presidential appointees, Federal and State elected officials, and city mayors. Salutations for persons addressed as “Honorable” should reflect that person’s position, e.g., “Dear Senator (surname),” or “Dear Mr. Secretary.”.

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What are the qualities of an honorable person?

Being honest is not as easy as it may sound. It is one of the most important qualities in an honorable person. A person’s honesty is tested when he/she is alone and no one is watching. An honorable person remains honest in his actions even when there is no fear of judgment.

What does the name Honorable mean?

The definition of honorable is a person with a high position, worthy of respect or with high morals. An example of honorable is a Supreme Court judge. An example of honorable is the Dalai Lama. Deserving or winning honor and respect.

What does the prefix the Honorable mean?

The prefix The Honourable or The Honorable (abbreviated to The Hon., Hon. or formerly The Hon’ble—the last term is still used in South Asia) is a style that is used before the names of certain classes of people. It is considered to be an honorific styling.