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Which theory of gravity is correct?

Which theory of gravity is correct?

Gravity is most accurately described by the general theory of relativity (proposed by Albert Einstein in 1915), which describes gravity not as a force, but as a consequence of masses moving along geodesic lines in a curved spacetime caused by the uneven distribution of mass.

Who contributed more Einstein or Newton?

The results showed Newton to be the winner on all counts, although opinion was much closer on the overall contribution to humankind. When asked who made the bigger overall contribution to science the public voted 61.8\% for Newton and 38.2\% for Einstein and the scientists voted 86.2\% for Newton and 13.8\% for Einstein.

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Is Newton or Einstein right about gravity?

Newton’s theory predicted an instantaneous force, again violating relativity. In 1915, Albert Einstein put forth a new alternative theory of gravity: General Relativity. 100 years ago today, Einstein was proven right.

Why is Einstein’s theory of gravity widely accepted today?

Einstein showed mathematically that gravity is not really a force of attraction between all objects with mass, as Newton thought. Instead, gravity is a result of the warping of space-time. Einstein’s ideas have been supported by evidence and are widely accepted today.

What is gravitation theory?

The Newtonian theory of gravity is based on an assumed force acting between all pairs of bodies—i.e., an action at a distance. A second body in that space is then acted upon by this field and experiences a force. …

Why Newton is the best?

New Scientist once described Isaac Newton as “the supreme genius and most enigmatic character in the history of science.” His three greatest discoveries — the theory of universal gravitation, the nature of white light and calculus — are the reasons why he is considered such an important figure in the history of science …

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What is the difference between Newton and Einstein’s views of gravity?

To summarize the two views of gravity, Newton envisioned gravity as a tug of war along the line connecting any two objects in the universe. In contrast, Einstein envisioned gravity as a bending of space-time by mass. NASA’s Gravity Probe B (GP-B) mission has confirmed two key predictions derived from Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

What is Newton’s law of gravitation?

In Newton’s view, all objects — from his not-so-apocryphal apple to planets and stars — exert a force that attracts other objects. That universal law of gravitation worked pretty well for predicting the motion of planets as well as objects on Earth — and it’s still used, for example, when making the calculations for a rocket launch.

How did Isaac Newton contribute to the discovery of gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton was the first scientist to precisely define the gravitational force, and to show that it could explain both falling bodies and astronomical motions. See Figure 7.7. But Newton was not the first to suspect that the same force caused both our weight and the motion of planets.

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What did Einstein predict about gravitational waves?

Einstein may have predicted gravitational waves, but he had little faith scientists would ever detect them. Gravitational waves squeeze and stretch space only a small amount. In fact, it’s ridiculously, horribly, almost impossibly small: a distance hundreds of millions of times smaller than that of an atom.