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Who can beat Scarlet Witch?

Who can beat Scarlet Witch?

Franklin richards is a very powerful person, though he has not yet reached adulthood. He can easily defeat scarlet witch with his mental powers.

Is Scarlet Witch or Phoenix stronger?

1 Scarlet Witch She has also defeated the Phoenix Force in battle. When the Phoenix took over Scott Summers, Wanda was able to not only eject the powerful entity from him but also undo the damage it has caused and cast the being out of the world by simply uttering, “No more Phoenix.”

Who would win in a fight between vision and Scarlet Witch?

Almost certainly, vision would win in a fight. It would be extremely rare for them to fight, because in the comics they are lovers. But if they had to fight, it would be a violent fight that Vision would ultimately win. Scarlet Witch can create a local force field, she can manipulate objects with her mind, and she can get inside a man’s head.

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How powerful is Scarlet Witch compared to Iron Man?

More… scarlet witch is only powerful than iron man.but iron man is more intelligent, genius, durability.Iron man can make Himself more powerful than scarlet witch. Example : iron man beat hulk by hulkbuster.fight with thor,hand to hand fight with cap.saved doctor strange, finally beat Thanos bu snaps.

Who would win in a fight Scarlet Witch or Thanos?

Despite all the answers mostly saying Vision for the MCU, I would say that Scarlet Witch would win that fight. She can turn an entire group of Ultron robots into dust, she can control the Mind Stone, she can hold back Thanos while he was using an Infinity Stone AND while she was destroying the Mind Stone, and she almost killed Thanos in Endgame.

Is the Phoenix Force scared of Scarlet Witch?

The Scarlet Witch’s powers are so great that one of Marvel’s most powerful entities – the Phoenix Force – is said to be scared of her.