Who is more powerful Wonder Woman or Batman?

Who is more powerful Wonder Woman or Batman?

Wonder Woman hands down. She’s stronger, faster and has way more experience in battle. Recall, she’s almost as strong as Superman, so if it was a life or death struggle, Diana of Themiscyra would not pull her punches. She would hit Bruce as hard as she had to for him to stay down.

Is Batman afraid of Wonder Woman?

Batman has no contingency for Wonder Woman because she essentially has no weaknesses or invulnerabilities. She doesn’t have an Achilles Heel like Superman’s kryptonite, and she’s one of the most powerful and strongest beings on the planet, alongside Superman. Well, Wonder Woman can be taken down by a regular bullet.

Can Superman beat up Wonder Woman?

honestly, no one can defeat Superman, not Batman or Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman can’t beat him. It doesn’t matter if she’s on the warpath. Superman has fought other savage things stronger than Wonder Woman.

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What’s the deal with Batgirl and Wonder Woman?

Batgirl and Wonder Woman are part of a convoluted ruse to trick the villainous Copperhead by pretending to be in love with Batman. It’s weird and hard to explain beyond that, but it culminates in Wonder Woman and Batman sharing a real kiss.

Did Batman ever have a crush on Wonder Woman?

In the comics, Wonder Woman is not numbered amongst the women with whom Batman/Bruce Wayne has ever had a romantic interest or relationship. In the animated series “The JUSTICE LEAGUE” and “JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED” Batman had a huge crush on Wonder woman.

Do Batman and Wonder Woman have a flame for each other?

One of the tamer pieces of evidence of the flame that Batman and Wonder Woman hold for one another comes from Legends of the DC Universe #32. It’s a relatively small gesture on the part of the Dark Knight. At this point, Bruce and Diana developed friction over their different approaches to administering justice.

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Can the Batman ever love a normal woman?

The Batman can not love a normal woman. They hold no allure. Denny said in an interview a hundred thousand years ago, that he believed Bruce had never had sex. He couldn’t stop obsessing over Crime to think about a woman. Diana has a bit of this herself, but it’s about strength, mental strength.